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Intention directs the seed, the timing of action and creates the backbone of all manifestation.  — Sue Rose Minahan, Talk Cosmos Host & Astrologer

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Capricorn Light Force

Did the sun swallow the key? Why else would the light not shift? the door needs opening. Dive into the shore next to the scuttle crabs where the pelicans dive. See the wave crest above in foam. Rub your belly onto the sand. Notice bubbles of thoughts leave your mouth...


Many people commonly register the perception of wealth as abundance. Ultimately, wealth signifies the support of life, the manifestation of production and continual growth. Earth supports life cycles through infinite systems of energetic exchanges. Earth’s simple...

ARIES! Getting Started

Getting started? Ideas exploding in visions of shattering light imprinting onto your psyche looking like reflected shining glass-plated buildings? A familiar sight created from those brainchild ideas bursting to birth! But where do you put the seeds for the idea to...

talkCosmos Event Chart

Archetype: Aries Sun 18:08 / Mercury 7:07 / Uranus 27:52 / 8th House 28:15 (degrees: minutes) Planet of Aries Influence: Mars 11:52 Capricorn  (Mars conjunct Capricorn Saturn/Moon) Aries Sun 18:08  square Capricorn Pluto/Moon Aries Mercury 7:07  square Capricorn Mars...

ARIES! How Goes Your Spark?

Aries archetype (1) involves our fiery thrust to individuate.   Its archetypal-energetic-seed-intention actualizes one’s own spark of life to separate for a new individuation. Thus Aries kicks off the start of a new cycle initiated through a person’s innate free will....

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