JOIN HOST SUE ROSE MINAHAN & GUESTS connecting MEANINGFUL intentions to UNVEIL ASTROLOGY’s energetic roots in the sky. 

Understanding integrates body & spirit 

because We reflect the cosmos.

It empowers soul growth & supports our hearts authentic purpose TO better IMPLEMENT our FREE WILL.


Saturday  6-7 PM (PT) | 9-10 PM (ET)


 as heard on 1150KKNW.COM  



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Weekly Program

Since April 7, 2018 astrology conversations continue in its third year with host Sue Rose Minahan and a myriad of diverse guests discussing astrology’s essential energies of orbital cycles, transits, aspects, mythology adding historical or current references. 

Radio | Online | Podcast   

YouTube started Dec 19,2020



6-7 p.m. PT | 9-10 p.m. ET 

As heard on

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Schedule Change:  Sundays 1 p.m. MARCH 7, 2021 


Tune in & connect for: 1) Cosmic Collaboration Panel: relate energetic aspects for growth patterns unifying heart, spirit, body & psyche  (2) Moonbeam Team: involves  New Moon & Full Moon plus the annual eclipses energies. (3) Planet Buzz: addresses the various planetary synod orbiting cycles we collectively experience. (4) Guest astrologer(s) every month.


Astrology empowers the experience of being unified in wholeness.  The goal being to develop a cohesive whole that resonates the truth of the comos energies by bridging the integration of both spirit and the physicality of materialness.

If you’re inspired to query astrological archetypal intentions, and desire to look at data supporting its direction, get in contact to connect and let’s add your participating connection on an upcoming program either on the radio program podcast or an upcoming U-tube channel launching December 27, 2020.

Astrologers participate from anywhere in the world via Zoom managed by KKNW’s studio Sound Board Engineer or attend locally at the Seattle/Bellevue studio.  

Diverse conversations relate orbiting cycles and energetic aspects in correspondence with a  wide spectrum of historical references, current events, mythology’s metaphoric language, astro-cartography, multitudes of esoteric ideas and disciplines, psychology plus astrology techniques,  synodic planetary cycles, lunar nodal saros cycles, planet retrogrades, Venus star points, fixed stars and more of what the cosmos has to offer.

Initiated April 2018, the 2nd season going forward of Talk Cosmos focused only on astrologers, including diverse astrological disciplines such as: Evolutionary, Hellenistic, Esoteric, Archetypal, Humanistic, Living-Sky, Mythological, Psychological, Shamanic, Traditional, Uranian, and mini-series focused on Kabbalah astrology. Talk Cosmos 3rd season 2020 offers 3 monthly astrology panels plus a special guest appearing each month.  Starting December 19, 2020 watch Talk Cosmos U-Tube Channel, also produced on 1150kknw U-Tube Channel plus viewed on Talk Cosmos Facebook page.

Current Online program


Talk Cosmos can be heard live at:

Saturday 6-7 p.m. program Pacific Time (PST | PDT).

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