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Beginning as a podcast as heard on 1150kknw since April 7, 2018, these weekly astrology conversations confinue for a 4th season.

Host Sue Rose Minahan brings a myriad of diverse guests in panels to  interpret and question astrology’s essential energies. Discussions connect meaningfulness to planetary orbital cycles,  their transits and astrological aspects.  They may add mythology, historical references or current events to deepen the context.

New plans include scheduling astro-cinema events occasionally and to be Initated 2 May 2021.



























































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Tune in & connect for monthly panels. COSMIC COLLABORATION  relates astrological  energies for soul growth patterns that unify body with spirit.  MOONBEAM TEAM  involves the month’s New Moon & Full Moon with some lunation cycles. And the 4 or 5 annual eclipses. PLANET BUZZ addresses the various planetary orbital cycles occurring and how we experience their influence in life.  In additon, each month  schedules an independent  panel opportunity for  2 or 3 astrologers in an inspired dialogue investigating a subject’s purpose and meaning.   


Talk Cosmos in its fourth season, now schedules each month an opportunity for an independent panel.  The event completes the monthly calendar for Talk Cosmos three ongoing monthly astrological panels, Cosmic Collaboration, Planet Buzz and the Moonbeam Team. 

The independent panel event welcomes two or three astrologers to join astrology host Sue Rose Minahan in a dialogue investigating a subject’s purpose and meaning.  Astrologers participate from anywhere in the world managed by a Streamyard link through KKNW’s studio Sound Board Engineer.

Talk Cosmos weekly YouTube and podcast programs air live as heard on 1150kknw Alternative Radio. Past episodes remain available to watch on Talk Cosmos YouTube Channel, 1150kknw YouTube Channel or heard on podcast apps such as Apple, Spotify, Google. 

Talk Cosmos diverse conversations focus on energetic intention involving orbital cycles and aspects.  These might correspond to historical references, current events, astro-cartography location, and often mythology’s ancient metaphoric language.  Focus includes synodic (meeting) planetary cycles, lunar (moon) nodal Saros cycles, planet (apparent) retrogrades, Venus star points (Sun conjunct Venus), and the fixed stars long associated with navigation, agriculture, and with scientific cosmos discovery.

Talk Cosmos welcomes astrology’s pluaristic disciplines such as Evolutionary (soul growth), Hellenistic (Greek, Roman, Egyptian), Esoteric (soul and spiritual evolution), Archetypal (Jungian/patterns of human experience), Humanistic (Dane Rudyard, experience of character and personality), Living-Sky (night celestial observance), Mythological (ancient’s allegorical metaphor language) , Psychological (cross-fertilization of astrology with depth, humanistic, and transpersonal psychology), Shamanic (meaning and purpose to soul journey intention/”as below so above as without so within), Traditional (prior to 19th /20th  Century), Uranian (energetic vibrational/harmonics and midpoints).

If you are inspired to query astrological archetypal intentions, through its cycles supporting its direction, please get in contact by emailing

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