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Kaleidoscope Visions Panel Transit Reading

A transit reading includes the natal solar return.

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Saturn in Pisces, Special Guest Donna Young

Recalibrating Essential Cores! Dissolving barriers for resolutions

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Lakota Sacred Hoop FIXED STARS, Special Guest Shannon Hayes

The asterism rises. American Plains Tribal medicine wheel. Unity of life force changes connecting everything. Sacred Hoop with the Winter Triangle. Fixed star Sirius. Galactic Center. Our directions.

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Dwarf Planet University Alan Clay & Melissa Elvira Billington

SCULPTING A NEW DIRECTION with North Node at 24° Aries conjuncts Dwarf Planet Eris of exclusion and inclusion for two months, Sept 26- Nov 29

PLANET BUZZ Guest Rick Levine with Dr. Laura Tadd & Sue

2023 AUTUMN ECLIPSE SEASON! Healing the Hidden. Venus rules both eclipses with deep diving Pluto square clusters of planetary opposition, including Mars strongly conjunct each lunar nodal chart.

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Mystery Charts for the season! Surprise!

No clues but planetary archetypal consciousness! Unknown charts. Eight astrologers engage the planets.


New Moon’s involve intentional seed growth points for a transformational opportunity. Telling a Vision Story of Symbolism with astrology & metaphysical systems.

Planet Buzz Guest Adam Gainsburg Heart Messages

Leo Venus Retrograde meets the Sun for a “Chironic” healing to open creative heart messages! Leo Venus Star Point at 20° Leo August 13 leads for the next 9 months!

2023 Fall Autumn Equinox! Vibrational Themes!

Linda Berry shares Vibrational Astrology insights illustrating a blueprint of consciousness for the Autumn Season! with Richard Smoot & Sue


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Talk Cosmos Universe


 2023 Talk Cosmos celebrating its 6th season!

Enjoy our multitude of content.

Monthly Panels:

  • 1st Sunday Planet Buzz  
  • 2nd  Sunday Archetypal Symbols
  • 3rd Sunday Special event panels
  • 4th Sunday Kaleidoscope Visions

Seasonal or Quarterly Panels:  

Talk Cosmos brings you special programming every 3rd Sunday in 2023! Enjoy engaging, different panels.

Be connected & learn more about these special events happening!  Click the button to subscribe for Talk Cosmos weekly Newsletter updates sharing more info! 

Planet Buzz


Season 6


Understand dynamic planet cycles!

Integrate reflected energetic consciousness we experience in personal and collective life.

Hear diverse input from a spectacular array of professional guest astrologers invited to join the panel each month.

Sharing perspectives from various viewpoints, such as psychological, evolutionary, sky, Hellenistic or other based astrology. Perhaps using supportive references from history, current events, philosophical analogies, mythology, or wondering questions we ponder as humans.

Planet Buzz Sq
Archetypal Symbols tile long

Archetypal Symbols


Season 6

2nd Sunday/Month


Archetypal Symbols synthesizes diverse metaphysical systems all interconnecting New Moon vision story consciousness.

Metaphysical symbol systems support astrological pattern dynamics:

  • Numerology & Tarot card energy applied
  • Sabian Symbols – spiritual imagery metaphor for each 360 zodiac degree
  • Jyotish Nakshatra, the Lunar Mansion



Season 6

3rd Sunday/Month

Connect with a myriad of new and returning Special Guest Panelists from around the USA and parts of the world. 

Contemplate potent subjects concerning us all.

2023 Talk Cosmos 6th season, schedules the 3rd week of the month  presenting a unique panel.

Plus, monthly, a special guest  joins Planet Buzz panel member Dr. Laura Tadd and Sue, scheduled every 1st Sunday in 2023 (Planet Buzz changes to the 2nd Sunday in 2024).


Special guest long tile new Aug2022
Kaleidoscope sq web tile

Kaleidoscope Visions


Season 6

4th Sunday/MONTH

Engage with us exploring current transits related to a real life natal chart transit reading.

Observe how astrological cosmic consciousness energies correspond to our choices of free will in our life.

Would you like a mini-transit reading in 2024?  Click the sign-up button to apply.  Join Kaleidoscope Visions for an event.

Every 4th Sunday of the month 2024

Click the button to submit your information and agreement for a live online reading in 2024. 

Astro Jam


Season 6

5th Sundays/Month

Jan 29 | Apr 30 | Jul 30 | Oct 29 in 2023

Astro Jam brings two mystery charts to life! Playing out the chart’s planets like a spontaneous music jam. 

  • Your “front row seat” hears planets  viewpoint personified
  • Discover planet’s archetypal wisdom.
  • Hear planets talk and speak similar to how we experience daily in our minds and hearts. 

The Plot: The chart’s is unknown Could be a person, place, thing, or event! When revealed, the two teams discuss how the chart spoke its story. 

Astro Jam small tile
Moonbeam Team sq

Good Vibrations Panel

Season 6/2023
Winter & Summer Solstice
Spring & Autumn Equinox

April 19 | June 18 | Sept 17 | Dec 17

To understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikolas Tesla, Futuristic Electrical Engineer

Linda Berry Master Vibration Astrology instructor with Richard Smoot connects core consciousness themes for each solstice and equinox season. 

Vibrational Astrology (VA) focus:

  • planetary relationship to frequency-harmonics
  • Uses thousands of charts in a data-base research
  • studies “evidence-based research”, applicable to multitudes
  • “Everything in life is vibration.” Albert Einstein Theoretical Physicist




Season 5 – A 3-part Mini-Series

A thought-provoking 3-part mini-series, inspired by asking:

  • Who is, “We the People”? And, “What is Power”?
  • In fact, we might ask, really, “Who has Power”? Do we all wonder now in 2022, “Looking at history, what’s our storyline now recurring that relates to the nation’s”?

Inclusivity rings asking about inclusivity for: Part 3.

  • How might the promise of inclusivity look like to work?
  • Cosmic cycles propel our unity – of self, of the world.
  • What channels flow to assist creating this inspired reality?

We are part of the answers if we start asking questions.

USA tile sq
Cosmic Collaboration Panel sq

Cosmic Collaboration Panel

October 2019 to February 2022

Widen your consciousness with this panel’s probing wondering about astrology concepts and planet relationships.

Enjoy a diversity of panelist combos through its past seasons:

October 2019 to February 2022.


December 2020 to February 2022

Get the whole picture! Key into the month’s New Moon & Full Moon archetypal periods December 2020 to February 2022.

  • Learn about the past influences with its lunation and gestation cycles.
  • Hear about the annual eclipses with their appropriate 1280 year Saros cycles.
  • And add into the mix many mundane references to ground your insights.




Moonbeam Team sq


Talk Cosmos schedules the 3rd Sunday every month in 2023-2024 for special event panels welcoming professionals of many fields. Guests participate from anywhere in the world managed by a “StreamYard” link through KKNW’s studio Sound Board Engineer Producer. Panelist Guests able to stream the program LIVE to their YouTube Channel or Facebook Page.

Connect and share with me what inspires you in some framework.  Bring astrological cycles into context with other diverse subjects supporting its direction, or exploration.  Please get in contact by emailing Sue Rose Minahan, 

Sundays at 1-2 p.m. Pacific Time. Scroll down to bottom of page for Time Converter. YouTube, Podcast, Facebook, Radio.

Streamed live on Talk Cosmos YouTube Channel, Talk Cosmos Facebook Page, podcasts, and KKNW-AM.

Online episode programs


Talk Cosmos can be heard live at:

SUNDAYS 1-2 pm Pacific |  2-3 pm Mountain | 3-4 Central |

4-5 pm Eastern  | 9-10 pm  London | 10-11 pm ECET |

Sydney UTC/GMT+11 | Brisbane UTC/GMT+10

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