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Talk Cosmos celebrating its 5th season!

Enjoy our multitude of content.

Monthly Panels:  Archetypal SymbolsKaleidoscope Visions, and Planet Buzz.

Quarterly Panel:  Astro Jam, with mystery charts and clues! A spontaneous improvisational event!

Special 3-part Mini-Series Panel:  USA 2022 Pluto Return & Power held on February 20, July 3, December 11, 2022.

Talk Cosmos brings you surprise programming! Enjoy engaging special hand-picked panels. Stay tuned with our updated newsletter and learn when these special events happen!

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Archetypal Symbols

Season 5

Connecting each New Moon’s vision by weaving spiritual Sabian Symbols imagery. Adding their astrology degree’s descriptive metaphor tells a vibrant New Moon story.

Listen and learn archetypal energies to navigate the upcoming month.

We share astrological data concepts using

  • Sabian Symbols – spiritual imagery expression for every 360 zodiac degree
  • Numerology
  • Mayan Nawal energy days
  • even a bit of Tarot
  • Vedic Nakshatras
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Kaleidoscope Visions

Season 5

Engage with us & explore current transits!  Hear transits in real life with a natal chart transit reading. Observe how astrological cosmic consciousness energies relate to life.

Would you like a mini-transit reading in 2023?  Kaleidoscope Visions will be every 4th week of the month in 2023. 

Planet Buzz

Season 5

Understand planet cycles! Integrate aspects reflected energies we experience in personal and collective lives.

Hear diverse input from a spectacular array of professional guest astrologers invited to join the panel. 

Sharing dynamic perspectives. Adding supportive references transiting archetypal energies. Thru history, current events, philosophical analogies, mythology, and wondering questions.

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Astro Jam

Season 5

Join AstroJAM’s improvisation and playful interaction with mystery charts!  When planets come to life!

Be the detective with ensuing planetary clues. .

And discover astrology’s archetypal wisdom through the chart’s planets and aspects played out like a music jam!

  • Your front row seat hears a planet’s point of view.
  • Charts identified afterwards for a collective discussion.



Get involved with this thought-provoking 3-part mini-series, scheduled Feb 20, July 3 and December 25, 2022.

Inspired from first asking:

  • Who is, “We the People”? And, “What is Power”?
  • In fact, we might ask, really, “Who has Power”?
  • Do we all wonder now in 2022, “Looking at history, what’s our storyline now recurring that relates to the nation’s”?

Inclusivity rings the promised bell. 

  • Cosmic cycles propel our unity – of self, of the world.
  • What channels flow to create this inspired reality?

Tune in. We are all part of the answers.

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Connect with a myriad of Special Guest Panels around the USA and parts of the world. 

Contemplate potent subjects concerning us all.

Be in touch with these 8 events in 2022. And in 2023 for the 6th season, every 3rd week of the month for perhaps the famous baker’s dozen of 13!

Cosmic Collaboration Panel

Widen your consciousness with this panel’s probing wondering about astrology concepts and planet relationships. Enjoy a diversity of panelist combos through its season Oct 2019 to February 2022.

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Moonbeam Team sq

Moonbeam Team

Get the whole picture! Key into the month’s New Moon & Full Moon archetypal periods from December 2020 to February 2022.

  • Learn about the past influences with its lunation and gestation cycles.
  • Hear about the annual eclipses with their appropriate 1280 year Saros cycles.
  • And add into the mix many mundane references to ground your insights.





Talk Cosmos schedules the 3rd Sunday every month in 2023 for special event panels  welcoming professionals of many fields. Guests participate from anywhere in the world managed by a “StreamYard” link through KKNW’s studio Sound Board Engineer.

Connect and share with me what inspires you in some framework.  Bring astrological cycles into context with other diverse subjects supporting its direction, or exploration. Please get in contact by emailing Sue Rose Minahan, 

Sundays at 1-2 p.m. Pacific Time. Scroll down to bottom of page for a Time Converter. YouTube, Podcast, Radio.

Streamed live on Talk Cosmos YouTube Channel, Talk Cosmos Facebook Page, KKNW’s YouTube Channel, major podcast apps, and  heard on KKNW.

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