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6th Season! 2023

  • Saturn in Pisces!
  • Pluto in Aquarius!
  • Jupiter in Aries & Taurus!
  • Sedna in Gemini
  • Nodal Rulers Venus & Mars Reverse, Pluto drops out
  • Leo Retrograde Venus Star Point
  • Venus & Mercury retrograde together


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RICK LEVINE: is a world-renowned astrologer, scholar and author. He continues to be a widely respected voice in the global astrology community, giving professional talks and seminars around the word. He has a special gift for bridging the gaps between astrology and spirituality, science and religion, the head and the heart. For over twenty years, millions of readers from around the world became acquainted with the relevance of astrology through Rick’s authentic daily horoscopes that appeared on Yahoo, AOL, Huffington Post, LA Times, Tarot.com, and many other sites. Tens of thousands of serious astrology students view Rick’s teachings on YouTube every month.

  • Founding trustee of Kepler College,  
  • Co-founder (with Jeff Jawer) of StarIQ.com and co-author of eight editions of Barnes and Noble’s annual Your Astrology Guide.  
  • He is the subject of Sacred Mystery’s DVD, Quantum Astrology: Science, Spirit, and Our Place in the Cycles of History.  
  • February 2018, Rick was awarded the title of The International Astrologer of the Year at the Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology’s 28th International Astrology Conference in Kolkata, India.  
  • March 2019, he was awarded the Fomalhaut Award for Astrological Excellence in Istanbul, Turkey.  
  • 2022, he was awarded the Favorite Social Media Content Creator and Favorite Astrology YouTube Channel by ISAR (The International Society for Astrological Research).  
  • Rick Levine’s articles and poems have graced the pages of many magazines and websites, including The Mountain Astrologer.  
  • He is a true modern-day wizard, a net-junkie, a lover of fine red wine and is rumored to have been initiated into his astrological studies by Pythagoras, himself. 

Email: rlevine@stariq.com



ISRAEL AJOSE:  D.Psych.Astrol is a dedicated student, teacher of astrology and tarot. He is now a full-time practitioner and teacher of astrology, tarot, philosophical and esoteric teachings, which he began studying and completing full honours in psychological astrology at the Center of Psychological Astrology in London with Liz Greene.  He combines traditional, mediaeval, psychological and Vedic techniques to provide guidance, answers, and consultations to students and clients worldwide. He is currently the President of the Astrological Lodge of London.  Much of his studies and practices also include cosmology, mythology, occult sciences, Kabbalah, shamanism and divination. Email:



Michael Bartlett, Santa Fe, NM



MICHAEL BARTLETT: focuses on esoteric astrology and traditional while incorporating the depths of the outer planets. His Core Energetic training, highly intuitive nature, three decades of business experience and over two decades of astrological wisdom give him an extensively resourced toolbox.

Michael is the author of:

  • Astrological Mavericks: Do you have what it takes to change the world? A book about individuals with planets on their chart’s angles and
  • AstroTheatre: A revolutionary approach to the ancient art of astrology.

In addition to being a past interim president of Kepler College and offering webinars, workshops, through them, he also offers experiential intensives, readings, speaking engagements and workshop intensives.

Daniel Beck, Wilmington, Delaware



DAN BECK: was a top rated consulting astrologer in New Haven, CT, New Orleans, LA, and Philadelphia, PA, under the name Inner Makeup Astrology. He now devotes his astrological oxygen to exploring the theory and philosophy of astrology while helping others who engage with the subject via friendship, guidance, and mentorship. To support this effort, he somewhat informally launched Offline Astrology in June 2023.

He’s made presentations and lectured for leading astrological organizations such as NCGR Mid-Hudson Valley, San Diego Astrological Society, New Orleans Astrology Meetup, and the Organization for Professional Astrology. He’s been published by OPA’s Career Astrologer Magazine and wrote horoscopes and contributing pieces for Ambush Magazine where his writing reached thousands. He produced a podcast called the Star Love Podcast where he interviewed dozens of well-known people involved with astrology and was even featured on CBS Philly talking about the numerology of 2/22/22.

Current activities include focusing on singing, currently at a local church where he participates as a rotating section leader and soloist, and Dan is also involved in volunteering for an organization called Beyond Literacy. He’s also engaged in local community building and politics. Dan is interested in people who hoard harpsichords and spends a lot of time listening to and singing along with historical opera recordings. Perhaps most importantly, Dan is interested in sloth. Check out Thomas Pynchon’s NY Times essay on the topic.

Linda Berry, PAC, MSSW, Louisville, KY



LINDA BERRY, PAC, MSSW: received her Professional Astrology Certificate (PAC) in Vibrational Astrology January 2015 from Avalon School of Astrology studying with David Cochrane the Founder of Vibrational Astrology (VA). She holds a Bachelor of Psychology, and a Master of Science in Social Work (MSSW).

  • Linda’s an International Consultant with clients worldwide,
  • Teaches VA classes, the VA Research Group Moderator, and Author.
  • Linda created “Frequency Finder”, a VA Add-on to Sirius and Kepler Astrological Software,
  • is co-author with David Cochrane of Vibrational Astrology: Interpreting Aspects, and author of Awakening from a Deep Sleep, a spiritual book on remembering who we are.
  • She writes a free daily blog, “The Vibrational Astrology Diary”, on the daily dance of the planets using the techniques of Vibrational Astrology and the Sabian Symbols, distributed freely to those who desire it and email her.
  • Linda also has an older site, Astrological Depth with Transneptunian Objects 2008-2012.
  • Each January, Linda Berry teaches an introduction series of courses for new students on Vibrational Astrology.  Email:Linda@AstrologicalDepth.com
  • Talk Cosmos guest panel member of seasonal panel, Good Vibrations – for each Equinox and Solstice through the lens of Vibrational Astrology.

DR. CATIE CADGE: Master Evolutionary Astrologer, certified through Forrest Apprenticeship Program.

  • Dean of Instruction at the Forrest Center for Evolutionary Astrology, (FCEA) where she writes curriculum and teaches and oversees all courses and levels of instruction.
  • Catie offers astrology consultations in the community through her own practice. Catie’s the Founder of Cara Evolutionary Astrology, Santa Cruz, California.
  • She holds a PhD in Art History and is a tenured faculty member & College Professor since 1999 at De Anza College, Cupertino California.
  • She has been studying astrology since the 1980s, and is member of OPA, ISAR, and NCGR.
  • She has been an online teacher for 14 years.


John Chinworth,

Seattle, WA


JOHN CHINWORTH:  Growing up in Southern Arizona, I was so obsessed with mythology, I branded the Greco-Roman pantheon into my psyche.

My experience of teaching and mentoring developmentally disabled and resource students for many years, seasoned me with an exceptional reconciling energy.

I started by reading, then honed skills by studying with accomplished astrologers. I have more than two decades of experience and continue to enhance consulting techniques by attending workshops and conferences.

I’ve lectured at NORWAC (Northwest Astrology Conference), SFAS (San Francisco Astrology Society), and have served on the board  of WSAA (Washington State Astrological Association).  I received my Diploma from the International Academy of Astrology in 2021.

I relax by penning poems, and going on road trips around Washington. Guest panel member of Talk Cosmos Kaleidoscope Visions.

email: archerstars@gmail.com

Justin Crockett Elzie, Seattle, WA



JUSTIN CROCKETT ELZIE: An Archetypal Astrologer, Consultant, Teacher, Spiritualist Evidential Medium, Yoga & Meditation Teacher,  Author. Justin specializes in Predictive/Electional, and Karmic Astrology He combines both Western Ancient Astrology and Modern Psychological Astrology with Eastern Vedic Astrology.

  • He specializes in Predictive/Electional, and Karmic Astrology.
  • His work with clients includes in-depth analysis of Natal charts, Synastry (couples charts), Draconic Charts, and works with Progressions, Transits, and Planetary Returns.
  • Using these he is able to link people together with their appropriate paths in life and what cycle they are in along with what is coming up in the future for them.
  • With compassion he seeks to empower clients towards healing and helping them maximize their potential while at the same time offering healing or remedial modalities of Plants for psychological life issues.
  • He does Astrological research into arcane Astrological concepts, focusing on the mystical/occult side of Astrology.
  • He is a Certified Aromatherapist/ Essential Oils Specialist and an Herbalist.
  • Member of Talk Cosmos Archetypal Symbols, Astro Jam, 2022 USA Pluto Return & Power, and past Moonbeam Team.
  • He can be reached through https://www.justincrockettelzie.com

Lesley Francis, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada



LESLEY FRANCIS:  Master Astrologer, intuitive consultant, author, and facilitator of online classes, workshops, panels, retreat instructor.  Developed her own approach to astrology called Purpose-Centered Astrology.

  • A national/international lecturer and humorist. Wrote the 2019 & 2020 Llewellyn Sun Sign Book.
  • President of the Edmonton Astrological Society. Past official astrologer for the British online magazine, Female First.  A former journalist, media relations consultant, and past judge for Canada’s music award, the Junos.
  • Created her own astrology oracle, Star Cards, and writing a book for Star Cards.
  • Lesley has taught a variety of spiritually oriented classes, including meditation.
  • Launched her own podcast in 2020, Coloring Outside the Box (part of her own YouTube channel).
  • Guest panel member of Talk Cosmos Planet Buzz Dec 2020 – Aug 2022, including other events.

ADAM GAINSBURG: is a leading astrologer on the Mars and Venus Cycles and their Phases, the Lunar Nodes, Chiron, and Pluto.

  • He formulated Sky Astrology to bring back into modern astrology the vitality of a living, breathing universe.
  • He is a co-founder of the Sky Astrology Conferences,
  • maintains an active client practice
  • and guest lectures for chapters and conferences.
  • Author: Light of Venus; Embracing our Deeper Feminine, Empowering Our Shared Future; Chiron: The Wisdom of a Deeply Open Heart; Signs of the Tines, The Ultimate Astrological Cookbook; Sacred Marriage Astrology – The Soul’s Desire for Wholeness
  • He was nominated for a Lifetime Achievement Award in Theory & Understanding at the 2018 United Astrology Conference.

DR. STORMIE GRACE: is a practicing astrologer with a successful and entertaining YouTube show interviewing astrologers, sharing a wealth of knowledge. Her crowd-funded YouTube Astrology Academy brings the community together by providing FREE basic astrology classes taught by the finest Astrologers from around the world.  Also,  at Anchor’s Stormie Grace Podcast and on Patreon/StormieGrace.

  • Since 2014 Stormie’s consulted individuals and groups in Colorado and around the globe. 2023 she and her family moved to Spain.
  • Stormie holds a Doctor of Business and applies those skills to business, mundane astrology, and personal chart work.
  • She is a faculty member for the Portland School of Astrology,
  • a board member of OPA, a member of AFAN, ISAR, and NCGR,
  • and contributor to Career Astrologer, Astrologyhub.com and Midheaven Magazine.

TONY HOWARD: Founder of AstrologyUniversity.com.

  • Astrology University includes courses with master astrologers, and a 4-year program; holds Dane Rudhyar library,
  • and in February 2023 republishes Dane Rudhyar’s book, An Astrological Mandala about the 360 Sabian Symbols.  Will soon be available in February 2023 on Amazon and published by Raven Dreams Press

His writing has been featured in The Mountain Astrologer and the anthologies: Astrology, the Next Generation and The Book of Music Horoscopes. He teaches astrology online, coaches clients, hosts the Astrology University podcast and has been a popular lecturer at many conferences. His mission is to make empowering astrology accessible and to increase the cross-pollination of astrological discourse through online education

SEAN KELLEY:  had his real first look at Astrology after a natal chart was handed to him in his philosophy class at San Diego State. He innately understood the archetypes associated with the symbolism. Sean has worked with many of the world’s renowned astrologers, from Kelli Fox and Jan Spiller to Henry Seltzer and Michael Lutin. Sean was instrumental in the 2000’s driving business for https://www.Tarot.com.  He has done thousands of charts, however considers himself a perpetual student of Astrology. Guest panel member of AstroJAM.



East West Center Astrologer


DENI LUNA: A born medium with 40+ years professional experience, Deni Luna holds a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology and specializes in divination – giving practical advice from the higher realms. An intuitive coach and counselor with wide offerings (i.e. angelic messages, dreams & sub-conscious memories, Tarot, astrology, numerology, palmistry, crystal ball, Lipsology, etc.), she remote views into distant locations and people, including friends and pets who have crossed over and sees into the Akashic records and your past lives.

Workshops. Classes. Meditation. Motivational Communications, Performance Coaching. National TV reporter turned communications coach and intuitive entertainer. Certified with Gaia coaching, world’s premier women’s leadership program. Lift yourself & feel divine in a unique reading involving techniques learned first-hand around the world.


  • OMARI MARTIN:  holds a BBA-Accounting degree, a Master of Accounting & Financial Management degree, and graduating Spring 2023 with a Ph.D. in Business Management – Accounting.  He teaches accounting and finance classes in a traditional classroom and online and teaches astrology. 

    • He practices and teaches Natal, Electional, Vocational and Mundane Astrology and owns SOULAR WISDOM™ and ASTROPRENEURSHIP®.  

    He presented at national and international conferences: NORWAC 2018/2019/2021, United Astrology Conference 2018, Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage 2019, Astrological Association of Great Britain (AAGB), International Society of Astrological Research (ISAR), The Friends of Astrology and several chapters of NCGR. He has been a guest on KUBU 96.5 FM.   omari@soularwisdom.com

Elizabeth Liz Muschett,

Camano Island, WA

https://www.alightpath.com  or https://www.lizmuschett.com

ELIZABETH MUSCHETT: A Professional Astrologer, Intuitive, Numerology & Tarotist. Provides Nurturing In-Depth Individual and Couples Consultations.

  • Author and Blogger, Sacred Healing Counselor, and International Reiki Master Teacher.
  • Teaches and Tutors Internationally, and Lecturer, available for speaking engagements.
  • Board member Washington State Astrological Association (WSAA); facilitates monthly community astrology conversation “Astro Chat“.

Email: lizmuschett@gmail.com

Guest panel member of Talk Cosmos monthly panel, Archetypal Symbols, and of past panel, Moonbeam Team.

Jennifer Ng,

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


JENNIFER NG: practices Ba’Zi/Four Pillars and Classical Feng Shui (of the Yellow Hat Sect) widely practiced in East Asia and studied under now retired Master David Lee (HK/Toronto).

As a horary, forecasting, and synastry astrologer consulting astrologer for clients, she also practices a blend of Western Traditional and Modern astrology, and holds the Horary Practitioner Certificate from the School of Traditional Astrology (STA) and the Professional Astrologer’s Diploma from The International Academy of Astrology (Dipl. IAA).

  • Jen teaches Four Pillars at International Academy of Astrology (IAA),
  • has given talks for Organization of Professional Astrology (OPA), National Council of Geocosmic Research (NCGR), IAA, Astrology Toronto (ATI),
  • is a member of Association for Astrological Networking (AFAN), International Society Astrological Research (ISAR), NCGR, OPA, the Canadian Association of Astrological Education (CAAE)
  • and Kepler Astrology Toastmasters Club.
  • As well, Jen serves on the non-profit, volunteer board of Astrology Toronto Inc (ATI) as co-President.   

Jen aims to bring insight to her clients and continues her own astrological professional development and research.




MARIE O’NEILL: MBA, is founder of Padma Life Coaching located in Santa Rosa, California. Marie has many years of experience as a life coach, astrologer, speaker, coach, past-life regression facilitator and lecturer.  

  • She is a Distinguished Toastmaster through Toastmasters International,
  • is on the Board of Directors with TEDx Sonoma County and is an astrology mentor with FCEA.
  • In addition, Marie lectures at numerous Astrology conferences. 
  • She has added published Author to her list of achievements with the recent book, “and the Lotus Opened“. 
  • Marie facilitates a Virtual Healing Retreat presented by Padma Life Coaching twice a year but the dates change every year. 

Marie’s passion is helping others achieve their dreams, goals and to shine brightly in the world. Guest panel member of Talk Cosmos Astro Jam..




Amanda Pierce,

Seattle, WA



AMANDA PIERCE:  blends her eclectic style of astrology and energy magic around a soul-centered approach to life and healing. With a B.A. in Psychology, Amanda has a drive to uncover the root causes to life’s issues and empower her clients in the process. Astrology and Energy Work Consultation | Meditation | Writing & Editing. Empowerment-based Meditation: teaching in-person 4-week series classes.   amandamoonastrology@gmail.com

Past Washington State Astrological Association (WSAA) Board Member | United Astrology Conference (UAC) 2018 Volunteer Coordinator. Talk Cosmos guest member panelist, Kaleidoscope Visions, & past Cosmic Collaboration Panel.




NICHOLAS POLIMENAKOS: Astrology and Magic born from a deep rebellious fire, Nicholas Polimenakos offers 20 years of professional experience in Astrology Readings and Consultations where there are no wrong questions or judgement. He creates a comfortable, secure space client’s evolution, working together to transcend limitations.

  • A coach, speaker, writer, humorist, and catalyst, he shares on Sparkles of Gold astrological views and related multimedia the current transits, and forecasts, book reviews and tangential thoughts on the Occult
  • and on his YouTube channel Sparkles of Gold Astrology.
  • Nicholas assisted converting Northwest Astrological Conference (norwac-2020-speakers-virtual-astrology-conference) (https://www.NORWAC.net) to an online model during COVID.
  • Passionate about supporting independent bookstores, local art & music, an avid supporter of libraries, especially the Seattle Public Library.  Nicholas worked the bookstores at Astrological Conferences for over a decade.


Santa Fe, New Mexico



SAMUEL F. REYNOLDS ISAR CAP: a former skeptic, had a life-changing visit to an astrologer and has since spent 30 years doing charts and studying astrology.

He currently serves on the board of directors for the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) and the International Academy of Astrology. Sam’s also a co-founder of the International Society of Black Astrologers, and a faculty member for the International Academy of Astrology.  A published and anthologized poet, and essayist, he’s written for multiple print and online outlets, including Ebony.com, horoscope.com, tarot.com, and New York Magazine.

Sam’s a traditional astrology consultant, teaches webinar classes. He’s an international conference keynote speaker and lecturer. His home website is https://www.UnlockAstrology.com.

Guest panel member of Talk Cosmos panels: Astro Jam, and the 2022 mini-series USA Pluto Return & Power.


RAE SAPP: the new Publisher of The Mountain Astrologer magazine and CEO of Egregore, Inc. https://mountainastrologer.com/

  • A 2nd-generation astrologer preferring the title “astromancer”— a witch holding space for sacred language play.
  • Holds a BA in Recreation Management and English Language from California Polytechnic State University of San Luis Obispo, CA.
  • Rae is passionate about psycho-horology, sexology, and narratology.
  • Talk Cosmos panel member of Astro Jam, and 2022 USA Pluto Return & Power
  • For consultations visit: https://www.thewitchwaycafe.as.me @thewitchwaycafe.com


Lakewood, Ohio

email: astrosmoot@gmail.com


RICHARD SMOOT BS, MBA, ISAR CAP: is a certified astrologer in many astrological associations nationally and internationally. He has been a professional astrologer since 1971. Astrology Consultant, Conference Lecturer, Author, Workshop Facilitator.

  • A former social worker for the State of Michigan, 
  • publisher for NCGR journals; 
  • serves as a group leader in OPA, and involved providing service in many other organizations.
  • over the years he has owned and operated AstroDatabank,
  • created two UAC program books,
  • NCGR Examiner for all four levels. 
  • Richard was the recipient of the “Community Service Award” at UAC 2018.
  • Talk Cosmos Good Vibrations Panel member scheduled each Equinox and Solstice, Focused through the lens of Vibrational Astrology.



https://www.mayoastrology.com and https://www.wendystacey.com

WENDY STACEY (BA, MA, Dip LSA):  is the Principal of the International Mayo School of Astrology, and Chair of the Astrological Association (since 2002).

  • Tutors for the MA program in Cultural Astronomy & Astrology for the University of Wales.
  • She has written numerous articles for the Astrological Journal, and is the author of Consulting with Astrology (2012), Uranus Square Pluto (2012) and about to have published, Covid-19 through the Microscopic Lens of Astrology, and Unaspected Planets. She has contributed to The New Generation (2012), The Professional Astrologer (2016), Bitcoin (2018).
  • In 2014 Wendy received the prestigious Charles Harvey Award for ‘Exceptional Service to Astrology’.
  • Wendy runs a free webinar on current affairs each fortnight (Thursday nights UK time), and people can register for that here:
  • https://mayoastrology.com/astrology-webinars/

LAURA TADD, Ph.D., Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia


DR. LAURA TADD: Spiritually oriented, psychological astrologer and well-being mentor Dr. Laura Tadd works in-person and online, aiding her clients in mind, body, and spirit healing and discovery. Employing various experiential astrological and wellness techniques, she firmly believes in helping her clients recognize their potential— thereby supporting them to navigate the inevitable twists and turns of life.

In addition to her client work, Laura is a writer, teacher, and lecturer. She holds a monthly astrology talk, Cosmic Conversations, outside of Atlanta, GA, where she discusses upcoming planetary alignments and their historical significance and patterning.

Laura Co-leads retreats with other wellness-focused healers and teachers across the globe.

A Board member of the International Association for Ethics in Astrology (IAEA), she has previously served on the Washington State Astrological Association (WSAA) Board, the Steering Committee for the Association for Astrological Networking (AFAN), and the Planning Committee for the United Astrology Conference (UAC) 2018. She writes for The Mountain Astrologer, Celestial Vibes, and Tarot.com.

Laura lives in a wellness community south of Atlanta, GA, and holds a PhD in Human Science. She has been a monthly Talk Cosmos’ Planet Buzz panelist since March 2020.

KAY TAYLOR: is a soul-centered/psychological astrologer, author and teacher who has been integrating evolutionary astrology with intuitive mastery, psychosynthesis, yoga philosophy and a wealth of healing wisdom for over 35 years.

Kay is President of OPA (Organization for Professional Astrology) since 2020, formerly Education Director, and is on the Board of Kepler College.

  • She is a respected conference lecturer, and trains intuitive/astrologers through her Soul Path School.
  • Publications include Soul Path Way (2016), chapters for “The Professional Astrologer” (2015) and “Essential Astrology” (2024).
  • Certified by OPA, ISAR CAP and NCGR Level II, she maintains a thriving full time consulting practice based in the SF Bay Area. email: kaytaylorwisdom@gmail.com


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