January 15, 2023 panel, Envisioning Astrology Education part 1

The collaboration between four astrology school leaders shared dynamic educational ideas.

A fast list of concepts shared

Experiential classes  / interaction  –
Active engagement. – integrate Application and feedback throughout. 
Facilitator / guide, versus the old model “sage on stage” 
New learning styles 
Trend – shorter time span created incremental class parts with strong Graphics. 
Conversation groups – learning from one another
Time & location barriers removed by online •access
Online conferences – open to any location
Education quality accreditation spectrum with standards of knowledge, of practice and of behavior •/ Needs filtering. 
Research data augumenting antecodotal teachings
Diversity / inclusive of: ethnicity and/or racial heritage; sexuality; age; physical limitations; language. 
Administrators reflect diversity 
Inclusive of astrological disciplines, Encompass umbrella e, g,, Vibrational, Jyotish, psychology
International forumlearn from each /nations/ Globalization.• Southern Hemisphere populations. • cultural ever-changing. 
Work study opportunities Scholarships/financial & cultural diversity 
Library collection resources • Kepler/CAELi has Maggie Nalbandian • Rudhyar recordings at Astrology University
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