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How to serve and support the student seeking

soul-growth and the aspiring professional astrologer?

What best ways to address education?

And what about the direction of the world?

Since 2018 interest in learning astrology continues to increase. Often motivated initially for personal soul growth and to gain another perspective to understand the world we share in  collectively. As for:

  • some to realize various dynamics behind painful experiences.
  • others, to accept inherent differences in temperament and purpose among people.
  • many, to become one with the wide scope of life’s path.
  • those where their path involves a professional direction using astrology, requiring further education and study.

Today’s world involves opportunities

  • online, in conferences, with local astrology organizations, many teachers, numerous magazines devoted to astrology, and a myriad of techniques and approaches to study.
  • The online world, including a greater ability to travel globally, makes connecting anywhere  whether online or physically on Gaia, our mother earth, accessible to anyone most anywhere.

Traditional and modern astrology have expanded and veered into several directions.

Each with strong advocates supporting the astrological ideologies for each developed system.

To name commonly associated astrological systems identified as:  Hellenistic, Talismans, Horary, Electional, Mythological, Vedic Jyotish, Chinese, Mayan, Medieval, Psychological, Humanistic, Evolutionary, Uranian, Living Sky, Shamanic, Dwarf Planets, Vibrational, plus a variety of house systems within various context of study.

  • Not a matter of how to please all the people all the time – but rather, how to encompass the diversity with essential knowledge and skills?

Four leaders representing their astrology school to discuss “Envisioning Astrology & Education”.

Consider these questions:

  • What involves the potential purpose and direction of astrological education.
  • What is most critical and of value in online astrological education, best strategies to reach a diverse audience, and what fresh directions do we see online education moving in the years ahead?
  • What is the value of astrological online education in making an impact upon collective change and awareness about astrology as a force for change.

Four educators consider these deep issues strongly. This panel  on January 15, 2023 illuminates the best questions prompting to share inspired ideas as the world responds to changes in lifestyle, environment, family, government, finances, faith, and the distance of who you call your neighbor!

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