Today’s 18 March 21 Talk Cosmos NowCHAT. Mercury in Pisces. How Does it Affect You? 

Find out how Mercury in Pisces is for your sign. Looking at how Mercury expresses its thinking and communication in the sign of spiritual Pisces for each zodiac sign. So, consider the sign for your sun, moon and ascendant.

Mercury for Aries

Aries finds their focus centers on connecting their identity attachments.  So ask, “what directs my personal needs”? By directing their individual set of values it will express healing elements from childhood. And also initiate new terms of self-reliance for Aries. Bodily exercise helps Aries process how to separate away from old belief patterns.

Mercury for Taurus

Mercury extends Taurus comfort zone by learning how to survive and thrive in their environment.  Curiousity helps Taurus to use online community networking while learning how to communicate their need of knowing how to safely extend their comfort zone.

Mercury for Gemini

A struggle to harness incoming vast new ideas keep altering Gemini’s fundamental inner story. It results in greater inner awareness for Gemini.

Mercury for Cancer.

Cancer’s prompted to dare starting new activities by playing! These playful new roles express new creative projects that bring Cancer’s entire self into their picture of life. Through taking a risk to dance between the steps, Cancer delves into whatever emotional story has their attention. By processing  their activities intuitively, it directs the Cancer spirit.

Mercury for Leo

At this time Leo’s observing what role can they personally provide to service their newfound awareness how to fit into life’s whole framework. It is through service that Leo’s actions might connect Leo to reclaim what resources they possess.

Mercury for Virgo 

Virgo works through relationships to find missing links to complete their inner sense of home.  The key’s for Virgo’s realizing they receive intuitive messages through many forms of communication beyond linear logic. It’s useful for Virgos to work at accepting what is beyond their control to fix.  And instead by adapt by Virgo being flexible.  Because life’s moving with many changes spurred by countless ideas. Thus it helps for Virgo to develop an attitude of “Wait and See” before discerning   experiences as  labeled chaotic. But instead for Virgo to recognize experiences as opportunities opening possibilities.

Mercury for Libra

Libra deliberately goes down proverbial rabbit holes. Libra probes deep mysteries into the whys of their life, including their most intimate relationships. In order to balance Libra’s inner life with their outer life.  Now’s the time for Libra to reach into the mystic values and see the beauty of life as life transforms its dynamics of power and form.

Mercury for Scorpio 

Scorpio connects to the extremes of cultural issues begging for restructuring.  Scorpio’s eye is naturally tuned to depth beyond what’s perceived normal. So Scorpio witnesses what’s depraved versus the glory possible if only others philosophical beliefs would recognize values sustaining growth and empowerment.  Through community, Scorpio functions to purge and renew as Scorpio contributes to transform the structure within a group.

Mercury for Sagittarius

Mercury’s mental perceptions might shift Sagittarius social focus away from performing guru roles. Instead, Sagittarius would spend time learning how to actively reclaim a dimension of their wounded self-esteem. Then Sagittarius connects their wisdom gained from their wound to the greater collective need. By rebuilding social collective structures, Sagittarius might discover how to share their inner wounds to heal others.

Mercury for Capricorn

Capricorn becomes motivated to restructure their networking social groups.  Capricorn’s strength deepens when connected and centered in the hidden realms of meditation insights. It is by recognizing the motivations inspiring feelings, that Capricorn creates the form materialized from feelings.

Mercury for Aquarius

Communicative imagry expands Aquarians strong intuitive and empathic compassion. Aquarius especially need to ground while completing their struggle to close a chapter in their life.  And before preparing to start the next phase.  Aquarius genius now brainstorms how to communicate what values matter to their authentic purpose.  Aquarius might try listening to music’s poetry and especially to a song’s musicality for their Aquarius soul to hear.

Mercury for Pisces

Pisces sensitive portal’s opening awareness of their vivid dreams at night. Pisces will also envision daytime dreams to express what widely inspires their heart.  By jotting down these connections, Pisces increases their consciousness directing multiple paths activating to fulfill your life.

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Pisces Cosmic Collaboration: Imagining Possibilities

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