Hello! I’m Sue Rose Minahan Host of Talk Cosmos & today’s NowCHAT 15 Mar 21.  Astrology perspectives provide objective viewpoints unifying a story into history’s framework for past present and future.

Today’s NowCHAT part II relates to Ophrah Winfrey’s March 8, 2021 TV interview with Meghan Merkle Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry Duke of Sussex about their departure from the British Royal Family.

Their interview revealed the extreme existential trauma experienced in each of their natal charts and their path for soul growth.  They each have a Yod configuration requiring adjustments called “The Finger of God” that closely interacts with each other’s Taurus Yod apex point.

YOD energy requires life-time adjustments. Two planets or points connect through a sextile (60°) aspect but inconjunct (150°) to an apex planet or point by a 150-degree quincunx YOD aspect requiring adjustments.

  • Both Meghan Merkle Dutchess of Sussex and Prince Harry Duke of Sussex astrology charts strongly aspect their natal Pluto of transformative experiences for regenerative restructuring sextile compassionate Neptune.
  • The Yod Book, by Karen Hamaker-Zondag suggests, “Children born with a Yod… stand at a crossroads concerning a family dynamic over several generations.” They experience “this intersection in time” that originated from patterns in family with society where there are occurrences of changes, crossroads, choices, and renewals. Intersectionality means, “how race, class, gender and other characteristics intersect and overlap”.

MEGHAN MERKLE’S CHART: Meghan Merkle Duchess of Sussex Aug. 4, 1981 at 4:46 am. Canoga Park, Ca / AA Rodden Rating.

Jupiter and Saturn’s 20-yr cycle resets social influences. Although the past 200 years were in Earth-based-material consciousness signs, Meghan Merkle was born with the 1980’s Great Conjunction between expansive Jupiter and restrictive Saturn in the air sign Libra all about relationships.  Last December 19, 2020 Jupiter Saturn 20-year cycle initiated the next 200 years of air communication consciousness. So Meghan Merkle’s natal energies can help bridge the collective experience moving from reality measured by form to those interpersonal relationships.

  • Meghan Merkle’s Jupiter Saturn signature includes the moon and highlights a tension-resolution-oriented square aspect to action Mars in protective Cancer.
  • Events promoting her courageous (Mars) plea for hospitalization to combat suicidal feelings and denied can be represented by the strong Neptune 150 quincunx inconjunct aspect requiring adjustments to Meghan Merkle Duchess of Sussex natal apex of her spiritually inherited YOD is Chiron of the Wounded Healer in Taurus.
  • Melanie Reinhart’s book Chiron and The Healing Journey defines Chiron in Taurus involving feelings of lack of self-worth, insecurity, or unsubstantial,
  • The spiritual inherited YOD signature from long family patterns deepens the Taurus Chiron’s significance of her feeling unsubstantial partly because the YOD apex requires adjustments to manage the energies with the sextile planets.
  • But because YODs have been inherited through a long family-pattern it suggests in Meghan Merkle’s Yod inheriting from long-standing family pattern of black women experiencing chronic racial prejudice with systemic injustice. The Yod aspect point by its nature requires Meghan Merkle’s adjustment to experience her self-worth.

Chiron the Wounded Healer archetype journey involves a process of awakening through which we serve others because it shifts the personally wounding experience to reconcile blessings within while helping to serve others with similar pains and difficulty.

PRINCE HARRY’S CHART: Prince Harry Duke of Sussex Sept 15, 1984 at 4:20 pm, Paddington, England / A Rodden Rating

Prince Harry Duke of Sussex chart’s a bucket shape with the Moon & Ceres joining his Yod apex, the North Node in Taurus as the handle.  Meaning, his emotional stability centers on his adjustments relating to his self-reliance and resources through reclaiming his grief and loss represented by Dwarf Planet Ceres.

  • For Prince Harry Duke of Sussex’s  Yod, it triggered a deep emotional fear of grief in the potential reality of losing his wife Meghan Merkle Duchess of Sussex if she committed suicide. It would repeat his mother’s, Lady Diana, traumatic experience involving the Royal family, and his traumatic personal loss from Lady Diana’s untimely death due to the abnormally intense paparazzi hounding her for British publication news. His North Node in Taurus of survival conjunct Ceres of grief and loss.


Meghan Merkle’s Yod formed by Apex Chiron adjustments to Neptune and Pluto’s connective sextile.

Prince Harry’s Yod’s formed by Apex North Node & Ceres adjustments to Neptune and Pluto connective sextile.

  • Prince Harry’s yod aspect forms at his Taurus North Node intersecting Meghan Merkle’s  YOD aspect forms to her Taurus Chiron. Meghan Merkle’s  and Prince Harry’s biwheel show their Yods conjunct energies to integrate a mutual destiny using their resourceful self-reliance to heal wounds of self-worth (Taurus), and by realizing their own values (Taurus) versus those imposed.
  • Their new non-profit Archewell’s motto of “Community. Service. Compassion. Action” indicates a major theme of these characteristics and purpose in both Harry and Meg’s natal charts sextile between Neptune and Pluto in the YOD

Part III shows their astrological connections with the USA Sibley Chart.

Part I examines the interview chart March 8 and their story with the British Royals.

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