Did the sun swallow the key? Why else would the light not shift? the door needs opening.

Dive into the shore next to the scuttle crabs where the pelicans dive. See the wave crest above in foam.

Rub your belly onto the sand. Notice bubbles of thoughts leave your mouth and slowly follow them rising to burst above the water.  Just like your negative old downtrodden thoughts, releasing their control — off they vanish.

Let go of the rushed time-hold pressures, as no one else, least the sun, swallowed the keys opening these locked moments.  But only your heart, only your forgetful vision for feeling the present gift of time.

The light rests at the solstice (Latin sol=sun / sistere = stands still). The sun in tandem with Saturn knows the land, attached both to sea and air.  The sea goat with the tail and hoofs bounds through the deep water contained by the land, and then rises to climb the mountains where the lofty air befriends life.

the sun of hydrogen heats the waters of the sea letting oxygen leave its union with hydrogen, letting water (H2) break away its oxygen forming air and support the sea goat’s life upon the mountain.

Exchanging elements makes the life-force key. No one thing does it all. And neither does the sea goat with its fin and hoofs. It must need both in some strange fashion. How does the sea goat need water? And why does the Sea Goat leave water for the air-laden mountain?

Must it be that our emotions and feelings make up the root of all manifestation? And the mental and the higher mind lead the path, united in grounded earth?   

Since the 10th house represents the closing square product to the 1st house’s action and motivational experiences, one may wonder about both the Capricorn goat’s and Aries ram’s horns. Stopping for a moment to look back how these horns were used; perhaps to butt their way forward along their path.  Because the 10th house of karma and consequences asks further of us than our fresh start and spark of life energy in the beginning of the 1st house of new actions.

The riddle answer lays within our accountability for responsibility to our own action, our own ethics and our own heart-felt way.  Opening our heart’s door, uses a key never lost.

Because this solstice sun’s insightful light shines an internal light into the realms of connecting those oceans of deep feeling within to the airy mountaintop of higher sights.

Using the seagoat’s horns to clear our own internal path of obstacles, rebuilding our habits, we unify our water and our earth and our fire to create the visions and build the temples of our inner strength.

.Relish stops to smell roses climbing their vine, also nourished by water, supported by soil, living along our path between the ocean depths we travel to reach our mountain top.

WINTER SOLSTICE 2021.18 2:23 PM (Pacific Standard Time) PST:  A CARDINAL T-SQUARE TO THE NODAL AXIS — initiating personal breakthrough past structural limitations or traditions to feel secure connecting their emotional process with values and spiritual integrated action.

  • Uranus 28 Aries 42 Rx T-square nodal axis

    • North Node 26 Cancer 55 Rx/South Node 26 Capricorn 55 Rx
  • Cancer North Node Ruler = Moon:
    • Moon16 Gemini 58 opposes its sign ruler of Mercury at 9 Sagittarius 49
    • Mercury conjunct its ruler of Jupiter at 9 Sagittarius 37, in its own sign
  • Capricorn South Node ruler = Saturn:
    • Saturn 10 Capricorn 11 sextile Neptune 13 Pisces 54
    • Neptune conjunct Mars at 23 Pisces 11.
    • Mars rules Aries in Uranus that T-squares the nodes.
  • Saturn at 10 Capricorn 11 connects  through a sextile the trine between;
    • Neptune 13 Pisces 54 trine Venus 14 Scorpio 5



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