Many people commonly register the perception of wealth as abundance. Ultimately, wealth signifies the support of life, the manifestation of production and continual growth.

Earth supports life cycles through infinite systems of energetic exchanges. Earth’s simple grass exemplifies an example of abundance in an enormous spectrum of types and size, including common corn, wheat, barley, rye, flowering fescues, bamboo.

Grass remains earth’s greatest singular abundant growth on the planet as it covers 40 percent of land except on Antarctica. It not only supports life on earth by holding soil intact from erosion, landslides or a desert condition, but provides oxygen from taking in carbon dioxide, enriching our atmosphere. Most importantly, marshes support a diversity of life that makes them one of the most productive eco-systems on earth. Huge underwater grassland meadows also cleanse the air from carbon dioxide through giving oxygen.

  • Fundamental grass demonstrates a basic resourceful and wealthy grid of life support all over the globe.
  • Grass provides sustenance for domesticated or wild animals.
  • We humans through the eons of time use grass grains in our diets as a primary staple cementing our cultures to recipes that identify our heritage whether near or far from those recipes attached to that land.

So what does this tell us of Taurus, the 2nd archetype? The astrological zodiac and horoscope where even the symbolic bull of Taurus eats grass.

  • Since energy only changes, Taurus changes fiery Aries cardinal energy of pure activation, motion to earthy Taurean fixity energy of form. Taurus reaps resources personally possessing senses and talents used to acquire the material support-system further developing their longevity of life.
  • Just like the earth supports grass to grow that in turn supports the soil on earth to stay located in a fixed spot.
  • So, a stable form requires attracting life’s support to strengthen its life form.

If we wonder how we might define true wealth, Earth hasn’t any such definition for grass except that it serves as an intricate link to stabilize a community.

  • So what values surround a wealthy support system for life? Looking to nature, we see an eco-system from ants, worms, rodents living within the earth to the bees of the flowers, birds of the trees, and any array of animals grazing or shaded. A community exists in relationship to the native terrain. Like we, we live within a potentially cooperative state of a community. Amazingly, the strength of a grass allows it to exist fairly independently of the rest of the community flourishing around it demonstrated by grass or other seedlings sprouting between rock cracks, decayed trees, and rooftops. Indicating Taurus determined will to strengthen their life form for their life’s survival.

The recent Paris talks brought attention that healthy soil lowers global warming. Healthy soil stores twice the amount of carbon, by removing it from the atmosphere through plant synthesis. Adding organic material improves the carbon in the soil, such as leaving cut lawn grass to mulch the lawn. Seattle’s waste department provides separate trash bins for yard waste and food waste, turned to compost and resold to Seattleites to nourish their garden soils. Seattle’s waste and trash program demonstrates the polarity of Taurus-Scorpio axis because waste represents Scorpio as energy effectively composted by energy reformed. By individually improving soil through personal management, we answer a direct action to shift the life on earth. By any of us simply adding compost to the soil, improves the quality of carbon into the earth. In turn, healthier soil provides nutriments in food grown.

What if we adopted growing alfalfa or red clover as lawns? Alfalfa and red clover are often grown in farms to replenish the soil.

  • But what if the main-stream population adopted a different plant for lawns that answered the need to remove carbon from the air into the soil and to nourish the nutriments of the soil for food? Wouldn’t that be a shift of consciousness?
  • Grasses in their many forms remain to serve our earth in their abundant capacities.

Yet May 15th Uranus enters its orbital cycle of Taurus for the next seven years and energetically we feel the influence to consider radically new insightful methods of our values, our life forms, to ensure the continuity of our life form on our dear planet Earth, Gaia.

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