• SUN Aries 18:08 / MOON Capricorn 15:18 / ASCENDANT (ASC) Virgo 29:18 (minutes: degrees)
  • The above event chart denotes the Sun Moon and Ascendant for the first program 7 April 2018.

Astrology observes kaleidoscope celestial cycles seen from Earth’s view looking out into the cosmos.   I practice Evolutionary astrology, using wide orbs for the Sun and Moon luminaries, nodes, Pluto.

Each week this blog interprets the week’s current archetypal energy. The archetype concerns the current Sun sign, planets in the archetypal sign, horoscope house the ruling planet naturally rules, and the planet influencing the archetypal sign. Commonly called the “ruling planet”, this “influential planet” for each sign indicates strong significance. How the ruling planet connects in aspect to other planets determines energetic influences operating, individually as well as in collective terms. _____________________________________________________________________________________

Below (A): a brief description of energies identifies the current week’s archetypal sign for planet(s) and house ruled relating to the first Event Chart program because it contains the seeds like a natal birth chart.

  1. Event Chart: 7 April 2018 / for Taurus Archetype sign / Venus 9:38 / 9th House 27:19
  • Planet of Taurus influence: Venus 9:38 Taurus in its own home sign = “double signature”
  • Venus Taurus 9:38 square fixed Aquarius Leo nodal axis = Aquarius South Node (SN) 12:33 – Leo North Node (NN) 12:33 conjunct Ceres 6:04 Leo
  • Venus Taurus 8th house trine Capricorn conjunction Saturn Mars Moon
  • Venus Taurus sextile Pisces Neptune
  • Venus Taurus inconjunct Aries Mercury

Regenerating soul growth values through releasing the traumas blocking creative manifestation and reclaiming leadership within like-minded community for creative actualization of unique authenticity

Inner soul growth supported through personally directed cycles and emotional guiding structure

Below (B): Astrology observes the orbiting cycles. The blog includes the transits for the current week, relating specifically to the current archetypal sign for the current week’s program.

  1. Transiting Event week: April 21, 2018 / Taurus Sun 01:51 / Venus Taurus 26:46
  • Planet of Taurus influence: Venus 26:46 Taurus in its own home sign = a “double-signature”
  • Sun transits Taurus 01:51 distancing from its conjunction to out-of-sign Uranus Aries 28:41
  • Venus Taurus 26:46 opposite the event and transiting Jupiter Scorpio
  • Venus trine transiting Capricorn Mars Pluto

Currently, our values for resourceful and authentic self-reliance builds through penetrating below the surface to renew our values and belief systems to ensure power transforming.

Current goal-oriented actions transforming our emotional life are supported through alignment based on truer heart-focused values associated for our self-sufficiency.

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