Getting started? Ideas exploding in visions of shattering light imprinting onto your psyche looking like reflected shining glass-plated buildings? A familiar sight created from those brainchild ideas bursting to birth! But where do you put the seeds for the idea to root ? Where do you find the spot that really begs for the plant seedling to grow? In the shade or the sun, what altitude what soil? How does one tend their garden of life for it flourish? These are actually Taurus-form-grounding analogies that start May

Just as a hot idea today slows to a simmer of lukewarm water left untended.

Before igniting Talk Cosmos, I played with the dream of writing a book, if I could find the beginning and end because I only knew lots of the middle part. I dreamt of starting a public group meeting through “Meet-Up” reading mundane charts to activate astrological synthesis (that is putting the whole of the chart in a unified interpretation). I dreamt of a few visual projects so I would only talk to my “muse” and deepen my connection with myself, my higher self, my conceptual thinking in an instinctive manner without the pressure of verbal communication. Each idea basked in the sunlight of dreams for various months. But each failed to get planted into my physical world of reality. So what made the difference not only initiating the start for Talk Cosmos with its conception but the actual physical time and place it now airs Saturdays 6-7pm PST online 1150KKNW? I wonder myself, and therefore look to the archetypes within activated by energy as of NOW time.


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