Archetype: Aries Sun 18:08 / Mercury 7:07 / Uranus 27:52 / 8th House 28:15 (degrees: minutes)

  • Planet of Aries Influence: Mars 11:52 Capricorn  (Mars conjunct Capricorn Saturn/Moon)
  • Aries Sun 18:08  square Capricorn Pluto/Moon
  • Aries Mercury 7:07  square Capricorn Mars (influential planet) conjunct Saturn/Moon and inconjunct Scorpio Jupiter 21:52 Retrograde (Rx)
  • Aries Uranus 27:52  conjunct Sun/Uranus Bi-septile Leo NN and Capricorn Moon

The energetic pattern of the chart actualizes openness to all others because privately personal cycles must interact with others to establish connections and relationships in a heart-based like-minded community for the mutual survival of values based on the mysteries of life and death.

Cardinal energy transforming core personal emotions, personal goals and actions mobilized to shed limitations of structure and inherited traditions to the deepest truth telling the stories of our personal emotional processes.

A community of like-minded others focused in strong interactive communication of others’ ideas; improvement for others’ higher mind, liberating into authentic relationships with others and oneself; or trauma not liberating direction towards an independently individuated and authentic life with others.

Mars in Capricorn, the influential planet ruling Aries Sun,  crystalizes inherited by family and parental structure, rules or traditions inherited since childhood as Mars closely conjuncts its Capricorn’s ruler Saturn (4th House) or fights to forge new paths of identity through external relationships

Mars the initiator ignites intensely heart-grounded values of deep truth and survival involving our soul’s growth; experiencing crisis in power and powerlessness when the old life no longer fits with our personal cycles of emotional needs.

Strengthening our understanding of life and death mystery through intense myths that connect how we share our relationships directing our actions, and difficult to synthesize their visually instinctive ideas.

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