Aries archetype (1) involves our fiery thrust to individuate.   Its archetypal-energetic-seed-intention actualizes one’s own spark of life to separate for a new individuation.

Thus Aries kicks off the start of a new cycle initiated through a person’s innate free will. Free will links the key. Beyond instinct, we possess free will to determine personal choices involving new starts and defending causes with allies to succeed against any energy opposing the new start or cause.

The real issue remains that starting off using one’s own free will, leaves one alone and apart from the past ended in its completion. Often our fears of separation create resistance. How do we deal with our resistance of the impending separation from the proverbial womb? It takes great courage to break away into unknown new territory ultimately void from experience’s maturation.

What can we take with our new perspective combating the unknown new experiences encountered during one’s voyage forward? it becomes an issue beginning a new venture. The excitement of initiation forges forth, but inevitably, progress requires other sources of ability, or knowledge and assistance in some form to understand what one needs to know to continue because the path continues totally fresh.

Ahhh the battles to life! What makes the key? The initiating source of reason, purpose, motive – emotion – whatever! That lends our life to move! To move, towards, away from what was once an old cycle. Perhaps an old self, from another, to another, to a purpose, to an identity, away from an identity – the motion involves the need to become separate, that it knows, and knows alone

So I ask, why the battles in the first place? Battles, whether personal or collectively public, seem to populate the times. Aries separates and cuts the past like a knife or a sword to leap forward. But in doing so, a person or a group’s desire initiating autonomy possibly may bump into other people’s definition of where the territory lies, or debate correct behavior, or result in relationships needing severance. What to do with all the battles that seemingly thwart the progress of one’s intended desire and motion? A big question for sure. Some answers, possibly through realigning perspective.

Aries establishes the polarity factor because Aries begins a new cycle. It remains a “blueprint” how signs energetically relate to another. Across from Aires, 180 degrees, presents the furthest point from the self, to its opposite, representing Aries self-energy polarity of the “other”. Aries opposite, Libra, involves partnering complementary energy the self lacks for completion. Together each sign and its opposite complete an “axis” reducing the 12 houses to a combined six axis unification, eliminating duality into a system of “energy poles”. Their opposite unification connects the upper and lower hemispheres of the horoscope’s 12 sign and results a combined polarity of six energetic developmental fields.

Where does that fit in with the battles? Because through Aries we actualize use of our personal free will: we choose and implement our free will towards the directions meaningful to our life. How do you or I pass through the anger that visits inevitable delay and frustration slowing a new start? To clear the path to flow into the necessary changes required tools and Aries is the sword, the knife; it cuts, as it separates many times to defend new causes.

While beginning the raw start of Talk Cosmos, I embraced times of frustrating anger along with fears. Experiencing classic Arian separation, It broke my pattern of identity, purpose, direction for all my energies as it covered fresh territory, uncharted paths. The choices required me to cut out obstructions in my thinking, how I used time, and various associations I connected. Certainly a worthy venture supporting the integration of my natal lunar North Node Aries positioned in the 7th house of relationships, located above the visible horizon, involved with the proverbial “other”.

Ultimate alignment desires a union with the separated manifested energetic start – the new path, the new self with the whole represented by where the energy left.

How to align? What to realize? Looking to the 12th house, representing the last house the new path symbolically departed to initiate this new beginning might be defined as located behind the veil of physicality in the spiritual existence. It is an archetype involving the nature we have no control over. Call it what you will. Evolutionary Astrologers (EA)(2), such as Mark Jones in England, often reference the 12th house through a visual image of the ocean. We are a wave in that ocean, but more of that in later blog letters.

Aries separation from the 12th house concludes previous cycles either in fruition or to compost! Essentially the 12th house represents cosmos energy, where we haven’t control as what the course concludes because the 12th house involves the uncontrolled factor of life’s unknown dimension. Thus using my free will to determine “what next”, reminded me to consider the cosmos as my “other”, access alignment to the cosmos of unknown energy to unify my energies beginning an uncharted Arian cycle.

Ultimately connecting alignment with the unknown made sense because every facet of energy relates to a part within the cosmos, such as this new break into my own personal future creating the program Talk Cosmos. As Einstein famously announced – energy never gets destroyed, energy only transmutes, only regenerates, only recycles, only transforms.

Long-story short – I realized I was still part of that big womb, the big sea, the big ocean cosmos of life. My key separating from the totality of the big cosmos of expanding life recycles another start using my free will as energy only reforms. Those battles forging forth realize a new path in the energy of life.

The intent focuses upon learning to ignite new energy, and why the bees make honey, or why flowers attract the birds of joy, the hummingbird.

The hummingbird uses tremendous physical energy to seek its fuel of sweet nectar. Legends (3) say, these little “hummingbirds are tiny packages of floating free of time”. Measured time relates to the mortal aspect of human’s physical management of our existence. The legend continues: “without time’s measurement constraints—the hummingbird’s energy carries hopes for the trueness of the eternal time, our cosmos – of celebrating joy and love”. Einstein’s ultimate timeless existence relates the message: energy’s not destroyed, rather energy only transforms.

Probing humanity’s collective archetypal experiences connects us with intentional cosmos energy where time waits in unity. These archetypes hold energetic meaningfulness integrating nature’s physical and spiritual dimensions with the internal and external “as below as above” (4).

Venturing forth life’s inevitable Arian starts, may new cycles replicate the hummingbird totem hovering moments of joyful existence.


  1. Carl Jung the esteemed psychologist coined the word archetype. Why? Because the Greek word “arche” signifies beginning. Archetypes refer to the structures of the collective unconscious mind through collective human experience developed from past to now. I’m referring to the archetype to include:
    • the astrological Sun-sign (during the time the earth’s orbit cycle transits/travels sequentially through an astrological sign in the horoscope) being Aries;
    • the influential planet with its god or goddess associated with the planet which for Aries is Mars (Roman Mars or Greek Ares);
    • reference to the natural house of the horoscope — beginning with Aries as the first house in the 12-house system initiating a new cycle of becoming.
  2. Evolutionary Astrology (EA) focus centers upon the soul’s growth. Pluto destroys what no longer fits for our soul as a snake sheds its old skin. Our soul evolves from the lunar south node representing the collective life we experienced as we enter this incarnated lifetime. Ultimate soul growth integrates the opposite lunar North Node representing the opposite archetypal consciousness that requires new existence. Jeffrey Wolf Green developed Evolutionary Astrology and authored many books, including two books: Pluto Vol I and Vol II.
  3. Quoted from Papyrus’ written on a card enclosure included with their greeting cards.
  4. Hermeticism: click Reference for Quote page
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