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2023 on every 1st Sunday of the Month

Panel Members Dr. Laura Tadd and Sue Rose Minahan and Special Guest

1 January 2023 Opening with Special Guest Rick Levine

5 February Lesley Francis, Laura Tadd PhD, Impactful Capricorn Mercury/Pluto 

5 March Wendy Stacey, Laura Tadd PhD, Pluto in Aquarius

2 April Nicholas Polimenakos, Laura Tadd PhD, Eclipses Unleashed

7 May Laura Tadd PhD, Sue Rose  Minahan, Jupiter in Taurus

4 June Wendy Stacey, Dan Beck, Laura Tadd PhD – Pluto Capricorn Retrograde

2 July Dan Beck, Bold Hearts! Leo Venus Star Point

6 August – Adam Gainsburg, Laura Tadd PhD,  Venus Retrograde – Heart Messages

3 September | 1 October | 5 November | 3 December


September-December 2022 Dr. Laura Tadd & Sue Rose Minahan & Special Guest

4 December Jupiter Ahead — Playing New Tunes ~ plus Special Guest Mark Jones, UK

6 November 16° Taurus Lunar Eclipse — Facing Polarized Values ~ plus Special Guest Tara Aal

16 October 29° Libra Venus Star Point Begins! Balancing Justice for All~ plus Special Guest Wendy Stacey, UK

18 SEPTEMBER Autumn Equinox Reseeding Destiny! ~ plus Special Guest Nicholas Polimenakos


JULY 2021 – AUGUST 2022

Dr. Laura Tadd, Lesley Francis 

DECEMBER 2020-JUNE 2021:

Dr. Laura Tadd, Tara  Aal, Lesley Francis


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MARCH-NOVEMBER 2020: Dr. Laura Tadd

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