Carlos Galvan

Being an Astrologer and Chemical Engineer, I admired my Astrology teachers and their passion for astrological research. My interest in research grew knowing Alphie Lavois, Chemical Engineer & NCGR research area representative, and David Cochrane, another passionate astrological researcher. This is why I like to train Spanish-speaking Astrologers to become Professional Astrologers and am a Full-Time Astrologer for Kepler Latinoamerica with Ursula Stockder, working at:

Spanish translation of Kepler 8 & Sirius 2.0 Astrology Software
Teaching monthly software workshops & producing Spanish tutorial videos how to use these programs.
Certified Astrologer: NCGR & Cosmobiology |TVASTROLOGIA Blog | UTube TVASTROLOGIA 1600+ subscribers & 500,000 views. Past Radio &TV co-conductor, Astrology program: Astrosenda. Chemical Engineer |Business Administration MA |Realtor & President Realtor Association. see guest bio for website and social media links
Past Episode: 2019: 26 Oct: Scorpio Cosmic Collaboration Panel with Guest Gemini Brett and Host Sue Rose Minahan

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