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21 MARCH 2020 – 20 MARCH 2021

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Tara Aal,

Los Angeles Calif



I’m an astrologer and tarot reader living in Los Angeles. I use the archetypes as experientially as I can!

Completed Laura Nalbandian’s evolutionary astrology program and Adam Gainsburg’s Soulsign Astrology program. National | international speaker: NORWAC, UAC, Kepler College, Washington State Astrological Association, the Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage Annual International Astrological Conference in Delhi. Regular EA Zoom Meeting presenter. Published: The Mountain Astrologer, Astro.com, Infinity Astrological Magazine, and Celestial Vibes.

Author: to be published spring 2020:  “Releasing the Moon – An Astrological Journey of Self-Discovery” by Tara Aal & Aswin Subramanyan. Currently resident astrologer and lead writer for Sage Goddess. tara@TaraAal.com Your life is permission to be you!”


Jane de Forest,

Portland, Oregon




Jane de Forest’s a: professional artist, author, Reiki master, intuitive and coach, teacher, animal communicator and medium.  She’s studied with a Lakota Shaman, Buddhist meditation teachers, Rhode Island School of Design, and journeyed to sacred sites in Peru, Bali, Sedona and Egypt. Jane provides her international personal and business clientele consultations with integrity, humor, automatic drawing talent and sensitivity.

Her multiple-award winning book, ‘Love Never Dies: A Psychic Artist Illustrates True Stories of the Afterlife” tells first-hand accounts of people reunited with loved ones and animals in the afterlife. 

Jane’s pro bono volunteer work: facilitating communication for special needs children; her “Save the Bees” Ecuador project; Director of Portland International Association Near-Death Studies (IANDS).    Janesinspiration@gmail.com






Carol Dimitrov, 

Las Vegas Nevada



Chapter President/National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) Las Vegas Stargazers.

Certified Astrologer/Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA). Director of Public Outreach/OPA .  Astrology Consultations/intuition, evolutionary themes. Teaches beginning Astrology Classes. Certified/Ethics Awareness and Consulting Skills by The International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR).

Student/Maurice Fernandez, Professional Course-Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness. Studied/Australian Astrologer Maggie Kerr.

Graduate: Academy of Metaphysical Arts. Certificates: Psychic Development, Tarot and Kabbala Pathworking/Astrological Institute of Integrated Studies. Listed/book: 2016/2017 United States Best, Most Honest and Most Popular Psychics, Mediums and Lightworkers.

Transcendental Meditation Practitioner.Certified: Social Sciences, Applied Kinesiology, Touch for Health, PSI Balance. Former Education Manager. Humanitarian, animal, environmental activist.





Lesley Francis…The Path Revealed

Author of the 2019 & 2020 Llewellyn Sun Sign Book, Lesley’s a professional astrologer and intuitive. Initiating a life-long search to understand the purpose of being human, led Lesley to develop her own approach to astrology she calls:  Purpose-Centered Astrology.  Her passion seeks to support people in their greatest act of creativity — living life — through consultations and facilitating classes and workshops. 

A Happy Canadian, Lesley’s a Humorist, a former Journalist, Media Relations Consultant, National and International Lecturer. She’s been a past Judge for Canada’s music awards, The Junos. Lesley created oracle Star Cards, and coaches meditation classes.

Lesley facilitates webinar classes & panels: Dec 1 2019, Points of Initiation: The Power of 2020 with Samuel Reynolds. See website http://unlockastrology.com/classes/group-classes   for current webinars and registration.


Being an Astrologer and Chemical Engineer, I admired my Astrology teachers and their passion for astrological research. My interest in research grew knowing Alphie Lavois, Chemical Engineer & NCGR research area representative, and David Cochrane, another passionate astrological researcher.  This is why I like to train Spanish-speaking Astrologers to become Professional Astrologers and am a Full-Time Astrologer for Kepler Latinoamerica with Ursula Stockder, working at:

  • Spanish translation of Kepler 8 & Sirius 2.0 Astrology Software
  • Teaching monthly software workshops & producing Spanish tutorial videos how to use these programs.

Certified Astrologer: NCGR & Cosmobiology |TVASTROLOGIA Blog | UTube TVASTROLOGIA  1600+ subscribers & 500,000 views. Past Radio &TV co-conductor, Astrology program: Astrosenda. Chemical Engineer |Business Administration MA |Realtor & President  Realtor Association.

Gemini Brett, San Francisco Bay area, California

http://GeminiBrett.com      MoreThanAstrology@gmail.com

Shamanic StarryTeller who seeks the Signs of the Messenger’s Mind — known in cosmic circles as Astronomy-of-Astrology Expert/Mystic Mythologist. Brett’s principle intention’s to retrieve the Star Songs heard in times before the written word. He transmits the mysteries he finds in sacred sites and living sky through a system of embodied exercise he calls Earthastrology, and through the sacred sciences of the Quadrivium: Geometry, Musical Harmony, Astronomy, and Number in Nature.

Consultations. Mentorship. Instructor. National/International Conference Speaker.

Sacred Astronomy  Astrologer’s Course /Organization of Professional Astrology (OPA). Cosmic Intelligence Agency (C*I*A).    2019 Great Lakes Astrology Conference (GLAC),  2019 Hellenic Astrological Symposium (Athens, Greece), 2020 International Astrology Conference (IVC/Kolkata, India).

Shannon Hayes, Seattle, WA

Certified Evolutionary Astrologer with Maurice Fernandez Complete Course, Astrology Consultant.  Star-gazer.  Entrepreneur/owner/ Seattle Hair Designer Salon. Photographer. Nature-lover and animal activist. Animal Spirit Tarot Astrology inspired posts on Instagram.

Astrology has always been my passion.I love nature, our universe and what our planet is here to teach us…I am learning something new every day….what more could a Gemini ask for??

Email:  Sheena5785@gmail.com

Mark James, Las Vegas Nevada


Mark James, a practicing astrologer, medium and intuitive in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Current Vice-President – National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) Las Vegas Stargazers. Completed Stacey Dean’s two-year program. Certified/Levels I & II NCGR-PAA (Professional Astrologers’ Alliance).  Studied Horary and Electional Astrology with Dr. Lee Lehman. Currently taking Chris Brennan’s Hellenistic Astrology course.  

Mark’s approach to astrology is a harmonious synthesis between traditional astrological tradition and the very exciting new techniques of the modern age.  Mark conducts his own research using the methods outlined in Arielle Guttman’s Venus Star Rising. Very excited with what he has seen so far, he has begun incorporating these techniques in his own practice.



Suzie Kerr-Wright, Nashville Tennessee



Suzie Kerr Wright is an Astrologer, Psychic Medium, Reiki Master/Teacher and Certified Life Coach. Suzie blends intuitive talents, astrology knowledge with Life Coaching in consultations to create a road map to help understand a person’s potential to live their highest and best life. Suzie studied at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Sciences in England; is a graduate of Dale Carnegie; has a PHR in Human Resources. She is the Weekly Air Astrologer for WSCA-FM radio; a regular guest on The Today in Nashville, and written Astrology columns and articles for Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Bustle, Romper, Brides Magazine and more. 



Madame Ximon, Bainbridge Island, WA


Madame Ximon is an archetypal astrologer, Tarot reader, and visionary fine artist living on Bainbridge Island, Washington. She is a member of the International Society for Astrological Research, the Organization for Professional Astrology, and the Washington State Astrologers Association, and is a regularly featured Tarot reader at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in New York. Madame Ximon’s divinatory practice draws from multiple wisdom traditions. She has studied and practiced divination arts for three decades, and blogs on astrology and art at iconalchemy.com and on Patreon. She dedicates her primary astrological research to studying the many forms of Lilith.  https://www.patreon.com/MadameXimon   Email:  madameximon@iconalchemy.com

Katherine Metcalf, East Moline, Illinois



A Professional Astrologer, Hypnotherapist, Intuitive, Tarot Card Reader.  Consultations. Specializes in Transit and Career readings to feel empowered and better about themself. Teaches Astrology and Tarot at Blackhawk College, Moline, Illinois. Featured on NBC, ABC TV in Phoenix Arizona.  Published articles: Monster.com, Brides Magazine, Huffington Post. Interviewed by Cosmopolitan Magazine. Hosts metaphysical monthly meetings in East Moline. Monthly astrological insights and weekly oracle card guidance on You-Tube videos.  Bhagavad Gita quote exemplifies her belief about life: …” better to live your OWN destiny imperfectly than live an imitation of someone else’s life with perfection.”

Elizabeth (Liz) Muschett,

Camano Island & Marysville, WA

www.lizmuschett.com or alightpath.com

Elizabeth (Liz) Muschett: Liz’s maternal grandmother guided her from a young age to develop and use her intuitive abilities. Certified in Astrology, Tarot, Numerology and various other mystical subjects. Liz continues studying and teaching for 40+ years. Liz also is certified in Energy Work: Craniosacral, Polarity and Gin Shin Therapy, Hypnotherapist and International Reiki Master Teacher. Co-author of “Gateways to Change 2018 and Beyond: Keys to Navigating the Seas of Life Using Numerology and Astrology”. Liz offers Astrology, Numerology and Tarot Consultations, Classes and Tutoring. Classes in Marysville, Camano Island and online with Zoom.  Astrologer, Author, Universal Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive Tarot Consultant, Teacher, Reiki Master, Ordained Minister  ONLINE MONTHLY CLASSES SIGNUP email: lizmuschett@gmail.com




50 years an astrologer. Leaning into evolutionary avenue. Have facilitated a weekly in-person  astro group in Port Townsend WA since 2006. I present a monthly to the public astro consideration at Pippa’s Real Tea (626 Water St. Port Townsend).   in Port Townsend Wash since 2011 on the 3rd Wednesday of each month (theme is the upcoming sign). Member of WSAA in Seattle. Graduate of Steven Forrest Evolutionary Master level astrology. Following the life path of energy work through shamanism.

Amanda Pierce,

Seattle WA


Amanda Pierce blends her eclectic style of astrology and energy magic around a soul-centered approach to life and healing. With a B.A. in Psychology, Amanda has a drive to uncover the root causes to life’s issues and empower her clients in the process. Astrology and Energy Work Consultation | Meditation | Writing & Editing. Empowerment-based Meditation Teacher: upcoming 2019 Autumn in-person 4-week series class.   amandamoonastrology@gmail.com

Past Washington State Astrological Association (WSAA) Board Member | United Astrology Conference (UAC) 2018 Volunteer Coordinator. Archive past episode dates: June 23 2018: Cancer–Processing Our Stories | Aug 4 2018Leo–Leadership & Dignity.


Rae Sapp,

Nevada City, CA


Rae Sapp, a solitary/eclectic witch and second generation Astrologer, prefers the term Astromancer. Learning traditional Western Astrology from her mother, Rae’s currently in the final stages of Maurice Fernandez’s Evolutionary Astrology Certification Course.  Rae offers in-person Evolutionary Astrology readings at her Artist Studio, downtown Grass Valley, CA.

Rae’s the Office Circulation Manager of the Mountain Astrologer Magazine. She served on OPA (Organization for Professional Astrology) Board of Directors one-year term as Meeting Secretary and Event Coordinator.

Rae hikes with her dog Nova, conducts hygee magick with her black-cat familiar Nebula, practices Kundalini yoga, and plays epic board games with her husband and friends.







Sara Stromley, Redmond, WA


Founder of Brain Body Therapy, LLC, a Cranial Sacral Therapist, and instructor, incorporates astrology into her practice as an Evolutionary astrologer who also studies Horary, Astro Cartography, and Medical astrology. Sara involves various healing energy work, certified in some. Sara’s jokingly referred to as a ‘Mad Flower & Mineral elixir Alchemist’ reflective of her botanical passion for blending combinations supporting mind body coherence.

Member of Organization of Professional Astrology (OPA), American Federation of Astrologers (AFA), Washington State Astrology Association (WSAA) where she served 3 years on its Board.  She’s recorded services over a decade for the Northwest Astrological Conference (NORWAC).

Laura Tadd, PhD, Chattahoochee HIlls, Georgia


Dr. Laura Tadd holds a Ph.D. in Human Science. She is an internationally known Psychological Astrologer who works as a consultant, as well as teaching and lecturing on astrology, in-person and online. An active member of the astrology community, Dr. Tadd has sat on the boards of regional and international astrology organizations. She blogs and has written for The Mountain Astrologer, Celestial Vibes, and Tarot.com. As an astrologer and educator, Dr. Tadd is also a facilitator and board member at Lived Life Resources, an educational nonprofit specializing in resiliency education, research, and advocacy.

Paetra Tauchert

Sebastopol, Calif


Astrologer, writer, artist, master gardener, observer and lover of life and the stars

 Paetra Tauchert is an Evolutionary Astrologer. She writes a regular astrology, culture and ‘heirloom magic’ blog, with a new moon/full moon newsletter, and she does readings and creates Astro Books.  Hosts radio show, Astroscape, a musical and pesonal perspective through the Astrology lens. KOWS FM 2nd – 4th Monday 11am-noon. http://Soundcloud.com/astroscape

Email:  Paetratauchert@gmail.com

Karen Wennerlind

Seattle, WA


For over 28 years, Karen Wennerlind has combined her knowledge of business, astrology, tarot, mythology, metaphysics and mediumship to create a distinct client centered approach. Karen has an online study group, teaches classes, and workshops in Western and Uranian Astrology.  Her Astrology practice is in Seattle, WA and via telephone and Zoom. Contact: Karen@seattleastrologer.com

Karen served on the boards of the Washington State Astrology Association, as Treasurer, VP and President; Kepler College; Camp Edgewood and the Church of Divine Grace both National Spiritualist Association of Churches; and currently is Treasurer for the Council of Vedic Astrology.

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