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Panel Members March 2022 ongoing

Elizabeth (Liz) Muschett & Justin Crockett Elzie & Sue Rose Minahan


Every 2nd week of the month in 2023



18 DECEMBER 1° Capricorn – Winter Solstice – with guest ISRAEL AJOSE, UK – Pres.,  Astrological Lodge of London

20 NOVEMBER 1° Sagittarius New Moon – Transference of Power

23 OCTOBER 2° Scorpio Hungry Solar Eclipse – Nostalgic? Community! Ceremony!

25 SEPTEMBER 2° Libra New Moon – Innovating New Roles: What’s My Role?

21 AUGUST 4° Virgo New Moon – Awakening Back to the Future

24 JULY 5° Leo New Moon – Transcendence Ego-Authenticity: Seek & Find Your Real-Deal YOU

26 JUNE  7° Cancer New Moon – Release Heal Grow: Nourishing Your Roots

29 MAY  10° Gemini New Moon – Recreating Alliances: Are You With Me?

24 APRIL  10° Taurus Solar Eclipse – Spring Cleaning: Get Those Weeds OUT!!

 MARCH  11° Aries New Moon – Ignition Key: What Will You Incarnate?


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