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About Radio Show

What is Talk Cosmos?

TALK COSMOS insightful dialogues pursue astrological archetypes unconscious patterns continuing to evolve in our humanity’s collective experiences.  The mission seeks to further awareness and meaningfulness to expand our understanding astrology’s essential repeating orbital energetic cycles.

Our focus

Focused discussions involve subjects generated through the umbrella of the astrological archetypes – ultimately asking: “How do these embedded unconscious astrological archetypes operate in our lives individually and collectively and how can we expand soul growth?”


Our roots in the sky guide our understanding what energies influence our life experiences. Because understanding integrates body and spirt towards one of personal unity, empowers our inner self, helping us to make wiser choices.

the journey

Come along as we share the journey with ​a guest each week. As we listen, we ​potentially better understand how the archetypes speak to us, and how we ​or others speak right back to them.

About Your Host

Astrology spoke its ultimate sense to me during my 20’s, when I scientifically associated both Earth and our bodies each possess approximately 70% balance of water compared to their mass. Science and metaphysics connecting this truth: the sun and moon’s gravitational-pull routinely shift both Earth’s ocean tides along with our human bodily fluids.

This gravitational reality-check remains a fundamental alliance. It establishes the magnitude to which we humans live connected entirely to the cosmos and well-expressed by Rumi, the Sufi mystic and poet, in this quote: “You are the entire ocean in a drop”.

The premise grounds the ancient Hermetic philosophy defining a fundamentally truthful relationship of our roots in the sky’s most infinite realms in either of these familiar condensed phrases: “As Above, so Below, as Within, so Without, as the Universe, so the Soul”, known most commonly as “As Above So Below”.

Since the dawn of time, the vast sky beckons us to observe it in wonderment. Very young, I’d keep my mother at my bedside awed about how stars went forever into an eternity. Astrology cycles reflect the cosmos’ systematic order. Astrology compartmentalizes the eternal cycle of motion into developmental energies of growth patterns. The past becomes a reference for anchoring observations to illuminate themes recurring.

However, always, the focus reserves and requires our individually personal choice of free will. Our choices prompt our lives’ direction. Understanding the essence of each developmental purpose, we gain conscious awareness to manifest our heart’s unified path. The drive to unify wholeness motives our souls, and perhaps why my language seeks to connect meaningfulness.

Evolutionary astrology asks of us — what core essences ignite our soul’s evolution? Talk Cosmos inquiries into the depth and vision of astrology’s expansive, sustaining and unending kaleidoscope cycles – by unveiling astrology archetypes. I now laugh at the truthfulness of my first question to all new classmates, after learning their name, was: what was their birthday? This information guided my senses and later I recognized the natal birth chart represents the cosmos thumbprint for each of our soul’s journey for this incarnation into matter here on Earth.

To decode the mysteries of life, humankind shared cosmic tools they inherited through ancestral soul’s oration, told through mythological stories, connecting humans with the forces of nature. Relating to mythologies in modern times requires embracing ever-changing metaphors. The stories migrate deeply through shifting cultural experiences because the cosmos operates in cosmic cycles beyond our control to regenerate life’s various possibilities.

Yet by connecting our hearts with mind and emotion, we create leaps of consciousness, connecting to the unconsciousness, akin to how our nervous system syntax leap across nerve ending spaces, connecting thoughts. So we too span the intuitive of nature to integrate spirit and physicality!

Although Sue considers herself an Evolutionary Astrologer based in Jeffrey Green Wolf teachings, and embracing Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung plus Humanist Dane Rudhyar, she includes studies on Shamanic, Traditional Hellenistic and Living Sky, to synthesize an eclectic astrology focus. In addition to astrology, Sue’s clientele astrology consultations optionally provide sessions as a Certified Energy Color Life Coach.

Her memberships (alphabetically): Cosmic Intelligence Agency (C*I*A from Australia) | International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) | Organization of Professional Astrology (OPA) | Washington State Astrologers Association (WSAA). She’s completed ISAR Astrological Consulting Skills Course and plans in 2020 to complete the OPA Astronomy Course certification.

Sue’s married and lives in Seattle, Washington. Sue holds an Associates of Arts Degree, Associate of Fine Arts- Music Degree, and Certificate of Fine Arts in Jazz from North Seattle College. Sue loves many forms of creativity, especially writing and art and music, along with beloved pets and wild animals harnessing our psyches to humility.

Talk Cosmos selected for the October 2018 KKNW radio “Newest Star” article feature posted on the 1150kknw.com website.


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