About US

Join host Sue Rose Minahan, every Saturday 6-7PM live Seattle AM radio 1150KKNW.com or 1150AM app for a jubilant conversation about the cosmos and our place in it. 

About Radio Show

what is talkcosmos?

TALK COSMOS engages understanding astrological archetypes. The unconscious patterns represent humanity’s collective experiences, carried from time’s past into the present.

Our focus

Our focused discussions initiate awareness of these energetic symbolic images. Ultimately wondering, how do these embedded unconscious archetypes operate in our lives?


Questioning our roots in the sky helps us choose wisely as we exercise our treasured free will. Life’s best process synthesizes body and spirit towards the ancients creed “as below as above”

the journey

Come along as we share the journey with a new geusts each week. As we listen we might better understand how the archetypes speak to us and we speak right back to them.

About Your Host

My language seeks to connect meaningfulness.  Evolutionary astrology asks what are the core essences how our soul evolves  Astrology compartmentalizes the developmental energies of the vast sky beckoning us to observe in wonderment since the dawn of time.  Astrology spoke sense to me during my 20’s when I associated scientifically our bodies and earth possess the same 70%  balance of water.  The sun and moon’s gravitational pull routinely shifts both the ocean’s tides and our bodies.  A reality-check humans live connected to the cosmos.  We are so very connected.


Humans share tools for understanding the mysteries of life inherited from souls past told through mythological stories.  Relating requires embracing symbolism because the cosmos operates in cycles beyond our control.  Yet connecting our hearts with mind and emotion creates leaps of consciousness.  Like the nervous system syntax leaps across nerve ending spaces to connect thoughts, we too span intuitive nature integrating physicality! Let’s inquire together unending kaleidoscope cycles!

  • Evolutionary Astrology
  • Organization of Professional Astrologers
  • Washington State Astrologers Association
  • International Society for Astrological Research