Insightful conversations awaken consciousness for soul growth through connecting cosmos consciousness energies with life. 
Founder Sue Rose Minahan with monthly panels and special guest panels every Sunday 1-2 PM PT. Streaming live to Talk Cosmos YOUTUBE Channel, your favorite podcast, Facebook, and KKNW-AM. Since 7 April 2018.

What is Talk Cosmos?

Weekly insightful conversations awaken consciousness for soul growth.

  • An intention to bring meaningful awareness to consciousness energies transforming our personal and collective path. 
  • To expand an understanding of personal and collective areas involving inclusive cosmos energies. 
  • To become a catalyst supporting life’s relationship with ourselves and others, knowing accountability for our inner power. 

Join Our journey

As  Ram Dass message shared in his legendary book, Be Here Now: “When you know how to listen, everyone’s a guru.” 

  • We hear how cosmic consciousness energies speak to us.
  • We listen to how we ​and others speak and respond. 
  • Together we illuminate.
  • Together we co-create boundless possibilities for shared abundance.


Our mission focus

Acknowledging the patterns of the cosmic cycles and relating them to our world, our cultures, our experiences.

  • In collaborating consciousness through insightful conversations
  • to inspire us to further create meaningful connections
  • guiding life from our inner unique sovereignty’s truth


 As the ancient Hermetic Code reflects, “As below so above, As above So below, As without so within, as Within so without“.

  • We evolve our conscious relationship in   experiencing our entire world.

And like proverbial “roots in the sky”, the ever-moving celestial energies

  • guide our profound understanding to embody and comprehend life experiences,
  • encompass an ever-evolving awareness to embrace inclusiveness,
  • promoting both/and into the equation of life’s ultimate unified inter-connected existence.


TALK COSMOS Founder, Evolutionary Astrologer, Life Coach Consultant, Workshop Facilitator, Lecture Speaker.

Sue Rose Minahan

Email:  SueMinahanAstrologer@gmail.com or info@TalkCosmos.com  through “Connect” page

Astrology spoke its ultimate sense to me during my 20’s, when I scientifically associated that Earth and our bodies each possess approximately 70%+ balance of water in comparison to mass. For me, science and metaphysics connect a truth that the Sun and Moon’s gravitational-pull routinely shift both the Earth’s ocean tides along with our human bodily fluids. Because, we share the same 70-72% percentage of mass to fluid.

This “gravitational reality-check” involving our body with the cosmos celestial bodies remains a fundamental alliance. It establishes the magnitude to which we humans live connected entirely to the cosmos. As well-expressed by Rumi, the Sufi mystic and poet, in the last stanza of one of his famous quotes: “You are the entire ocean in a drop”.

This premise also grounds the ancient Hermetic philosophy. It fundamentally defines a relationship with our collective proverbial “roots in the sky”.  The cosmos most infinite realms found in the Hermetic Code’s condensed phrases: “As Below, So Above, As Above, so Below, as Within, so Without, as the Universe, so the Soul”. And simply referenced, “As Above So Below”.

My personal story reminds me that since the dawn of time, the vast sky beckons us to observe it in wonderment.  Very young, I’d keep my mother at my bedside, awed about how stars went forever into an eternity, sharing long wondering conversations.

The infinite becomes palatable by studying astrology cycles because they reflect the cosmos’ systematic order. Because astrology compartmentalizes the eternal cycle of motion into developmental energies of consciousness growth patterns. We see the past as becoming a reference in which to anchor observations to illuminate various themes developing.

Yet always to remember life’s focus requires our individual choice of free will.

  • Because through our choices, we personally prompt our lives’ direction with personal ownership, building our integrity, grounded to our soul’s inner center.
  • By understanding energetic purposes  we gain conscious awareness to guide us in manifesting our path towards experiencing life’s sustenance.
  • And perhaps why my language seeks to connect meaningfulness comes from the drive to bring awareness to the many parts of oneself that motivate our being, which is our very soul.

If evolutionary astrology asks “What core essences ignite our soul’s evolutionary path“,

  • then Talk Cosmos inquires into the depth and vision of astrology’s expansive, sustaining and unending kaleidoscope cycles.
  • To unveil  essential building blocks of archetypes that interlock into such vast scopes defined in many other disciplines of mysterious truths.
  • Beyond this I include mythology into the soul’s growth equation,  because:
  •  it decodes the mysteries of life shared by ancients as a cosmic tool. I love understanding mythology’s metaphors inherited through ancestral oration. Their stories connect humans with the forces of nature coded by the soul’s language.

Yet modern times require relating to mythologies by embracing ever-changing metaphors. Interestingly, stories profoundly migrate deeply through history’s shifting cultural experiences. I find today using a pluralistic viewpoint allows polarities to function, generating life’s possibilities.

We create leaps of consciousness by experiencing connecting hearts, mind and spirit.  It could be akin to how our nervous system syntax leap across space as in connecting thoughts. Similar, these leaps of consciousness connect us to the unknown and into revealing unconsciousness.  So it could be said that we too span the intuitive of nature so to integrate spirit with physicality!

Such abstract thoughts develop through concrete conversations to understand and experience our life in the world we live.

I now laugh at how truthful my first question I asked every new school classmate from age 6- to 16 after learning their name: “When’s your birthday?” Because later I recognized the natal birthday chart represents a person’s cosmos thumbprint! It incorporates our soul’s journey for this mortal incarnation inhabited here on Earth, also known as Gaia, the Greek Goddess, mother of all life, “The Vast One”. I Thank you for the time together sharing meaningfulness.

Sue Minahan’s an Eclectic Evolutionary Astrology Consultant, Certified Color Energy Life Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Speaker, Writer. Also an artist, musician, philosopher.

Sue’s eclectic astrology focus embraces Evolutionary Astrologer based in Jeffrey Green Wolf teachings, Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung Humanist Dane Rudhyar, and Vibrational Astrology. She includes studies on Shamanic, Traditional Hellenistic and Living Sky, including Dwarf Planets,  asteroids, centaurs and fixed stars to perceive  astrological consciousness.. Sue’s clientele astrology consultations provide optional sessions with her as a Certified Energy Color Life Coach engaging the individual’s  empowerment for their autonomy.

She has a Dwarf Planet University Diploma of which she has been employed as a Teacher’s Assistant, the Lecture Moderator for Washington State Astrologers Association (WSAA), completed the ISAR Astrological Consulting Skills Course, and OPA Astronomy Course certification. Her memberships (alphabetically) are: Astrological Lodge of London (ALL) | International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) |  National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) | Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA) | Scottish Astrological Association  | Washington State Astrological Association (WSAA).

Sue and her husband live in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. Sue holds an Associates of Arts Degree, Associate of Fine Arts-Music Degree, and Certificate of Fine Arts in Jazz from North Seattle College.  She loves abstract creative thought, brainstorming manifestations, networking, animals and nature, especially skies brilliant with stars etched into eternity.

Talk Cosmos selected for the October 2018 KKNW radio “Newest Star” article feature posted on the 1150kknw.com website.


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