Join host Sue Rose Minahan, every Saturday 6-7PM live Seattle AM radio or KKNWAM app for a jubilant conversation about the cosmos and our place in it.

Discover the meaningfulness of our roots in the stars and how to implement your free will through understanding how we reflect the cosmos



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2019sat02feb6:00 pmsat7:00 pmAQUARIUS: Humanitarian GeniusA Talk with Eileen Grimes, KKNW Host Jupiter Rising6:00 pm - 7:00 pm 1150KKNW AM Radio Station Event Organized By: Sue Rose Minahan Event Tags

2019sat09feb6:00 pmsat7:00 pmAQUARIUS: Authenticity Tunes-In FrequenciesA Talk with Lesley Francis, Alberta Canada- Llewellyn 2019 and 2020 Sun Sign Book author6:00 pm - 7:00 pm 1150KKNW AM Radio Station Event Organized By: Sue Rose Minahan

2019sat16feb6:00 pmsat7:00 pmAQUARIUS: Freedom To Be UniqueA Talk with John Foster astologer software developer - Mill Creek/Seattle, Wa, USA6:00 pm - 7:00 pm 1150KKNW AM Radio Station Event Organized By: Sue Rose Minahan

2019sat23feb6:00 pmsat7:00 pmPISCES: Dreamscape BeckonsA Talk with Jeff Peters The Lively Astrologer, Pt Townsend WA6:00 pm - 7:00 pm 1150KKNW AM Radio Station Event Organized By: Sue Rose Minahan

Program Schedule

Each program schedule introduces a different perception involving the month’s archetypal umbrella.  Stay tuned to discover all the archetypal energies working within you.

Welcome Guests

Each week brings a guest sharing a conversation.  Many varied voices to intrigue intentional thoughtfulness. We look forward to connecting with your perspective!


We offer a variety of terms for a win-win with our mutual audience.

Welcome Guests - We want you!

Each week a discussion between Sue Rose Minahan and a guest unveil astrology’s ancient astrological archetype energies that continually build the collective experiences in our unconsciousness.

Predominately astrologers participate either in the Seattle/Bellevue recording studio or literally from everywhere and anywhere via Skype or Zoom managed by the radio station studio’s Sound Board Engineer.  On occasion a talk includes a non-astrologer whose specific career or life path strongly connects to an archetypal area, making it possible to weave in the astrological energy of that archetype.  

Talk Cosmos’ 2nd season Aries 2019 starting after the March Spring Equinox, subjects continue metaphors of mythology, news events, Life experiences, planet pairs, nodal and synodic cycles, New Moon/Full Moon/Eclipses, geodetic location astro-cartography, plus historical reference by event in relation to cycles past or future. 

Astrology coordinates the integration of both spirit and the material empowering the experience of being unified in wholeness. If you’re inspired to query astrological archetypal intentions, and desire to look at data supporting its direction, get in contact to connect and let’s make your collaboration voiced.